Numbers about Corona

Found this chart, on a site called ’ Medicine Today ’ . .

Take care not to infect elderly people, it’s somewhat worse than the flu, could be a problem . . .

So, no bull-shitting around old, sick people . . Stay safe . . .

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No bullshitting around anyone. Period.

And here you can observe daily/ interactive stats:

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak @ worldometer

Gonna get interesting when shit hits the fan over in the states…

Roger, Will do . .

I’m staying in my apartment, I’m pretty young, but for other’s sake . .

Also, go shopping the morning, and buy for 2 - 3 days, without hoarding goods . . So, I go less out, just watch tv, the news . . We can still use computers, it’s not a electronic virus, so lots of movies . .

In California we are in “shelter in place”, now. All but the very essentials are shut down. No shopping other than for food. Restaurants are take out orders only. No work other than necessary support services.

In my county there are no cases. But in neighboring counties there are some.

I consider this a positive proactive measure. Though it is a bit depressing and troubling. But if it reduces the cases and brings this thing to a halt, I am all for it.

I can’t see how the local economy will do anything but crash. I have friends on a day to day cash business who will be f’ked.

Luckily it is looking like my main client will ride it out - for now.

Day to day.

Is it time for another thread about the virus when the previous one was just locked?

Anyway, now the recommendation is to avoid groups of people of 10 or more and at least one city I know of will has actually banned groups of that size (in some situations anyway)

I know San Francisco at least is ordering people to stay home, but I wonder how they expect the large numbers of homeless to follow this rule. You can’t “shelter in place” if you don’t have a shelter to begin with.

They are fully aware of all of the points you have brought up. And they are making provisions for those things. Of course it is complex. But they have shut down all possible normal every day social gatherings. Services for food and so on, are limited to pick up or delivery. Any services for the homeless would be limited in the same way. The homeless situation here is completely exasperated due to this. Everyone’s life is affected.

I won’t be able to visit my 94 year old mother now for the next few weeks.

Saving grace for me is I can still get my coffee in the morning from the coffee shop.

The simple things. Of course I am tipping them more to try to make up for the lack of traffic. Just doing what I am able to do. Small shop across the street, looking out for me. Going to set aside some eggs for me today.

Times like this are times to be nice to each other, look out for each other.

And get through it.

Spring Break beach bums in Florida; what is social distancing, and what the heck is a group size restriction?

Business owners in many areas have to shut down their restaurants, attractions, shops, and bars and churches have to cancel services, but beaches can still receive crowds numbering in the thousands with all in close proximity. That is also not to mention that people can still wade through packed airports to be crammed like sardines in a flying tube. Governments should either soften the restrictions for business owners and non-profits or make them consistent.

No. Here is how it works. People don’t heed the advice. The problem here is people. So what happens is people will be people. Doing dumb ass things. Then next measures are taken. They will simply close the beach.

Example. Social distancing and care was already advised. I go to a restaurant at 6AM, knowing that no one is there at that time. There is one couple across the other side of the restaurant. I sit as far away as I can.

A woman comes in with her mother (80+) and her looser 20 something son. She is at least over 50, and should know better.

The waitress, sits them right behind me. I am half through my meal. I immediately stand up. There are but 4 other people in the place. It is virtually empty. I ask these people what on earth are they thinking? Of course, it is not their responsibility, the waitress sat them there.

I pick up my stuff and move to the other side of the place away from everyone. And asked the waitress not to sit people next to each other unless necessary. Please.

Why does this happen? Because people can’t think about the right thing to do. Or are unwilling, obstinate or simply uncaring, uncivilized and rude. So others have to enforce it.

It gets so bad. Government has to step up and make it law…

This is also why threads get closed.

Warning: deranged thinking ahead

Last time on this forum, on this subject, I expressed wishful thinking, having people considering, being prudent. Now I completely changed my mind.
I start thinking all this lockdown is completely bull$£&%.
More. I’m sure it is.
What happened?
Fear disappeared, all of a sudden.
And now I start feeling all of this as a complete moronity.
Enough of this s&$t.

Here in Wichita, panic shopping is down and the store shelves are mostly stocked, businesses are running in some capacity, and there has also been no confirmed community spread of the virus. Almost all of the 16 cases in Kansas are in Kansas City and vicinity.

If this is like most respiratory viruses, then we should be in good shape as we are far enough south and west to get pulses of warm air from the desert regions (75 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny tomorrow).

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Good news for you. Let’s hope it stays that way. :slight_smile:

I heard of more interesting stats on the news, over 60 percent of the confirmed cases in the United States are in just one state (New York), I presume the majority of the rest are in Washington and California. It might be no coincidence that the biggest hotspot is a major international hub and contains a city with one of the nation’s highest density areas.

Though I wonder if New York City’s upcoming “shelter in place” measure will have a truly beneficial effect. People in those high-rise Manhattan apartments usually have to pass by a lot of people between home and the store, and that still applies if they shut down the crowded subways and trains.

I’m finding Accuweather of all sites being more optimistic about the virus situation than the perpetual doom and gloom peddled by sites primarily devoted to general news. This information is not based on the findings of the guy in Hong Kong like in a previous article.

This again assumes that the Coronavirus is more or less like the many other respiratory viruses that we know of, viruses that do not like heat, do not like low humidity, and do not like high solar intensity.

Still I am really impressed on how much relaxed the measures in USA still is. The situation is exactly like the gambler’s fallacy.’s_fallacy

Since there is are not enough incidents or spreading, it means that we can assume that things are safe and nothing will go wrong. However when the scale leans towards the other side of the spectrum and incidents keep rising fast, it is already a domino collapse procedure due to exponential growth of how viruses work.

Here in Athens everything went into lockdown mode two weeks ago, and despite all of these extreme precautions incidents still keep rising, slowly and steadily. However Spain and Italy went for that bet and now the results are visible and they are not good.

Let’s all hope that we can save time up until a vaccine or the summer heat, which is something rather than nothing.

There’s also the anti-malaria drug which is being shown as an effective treatment in studies done in multiple countries, and we might not have to wait to Summer weather to see what should be a drop in the rate of infection (though the US tends to get a bit hotter in many places than Europe, it might get close to 80 degrees F here midweek).

Though your view on those things will (in part) depend on what media outlet you get your news from, a few of them are full of pessimists who just want to project doom and hopelessness.

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I wouldn’t bet on that. This drug might be too harsh to use on elderly people - especially if they have other diseases like high blood pressure.
Its a little-bit like chemotherapy, it kills everything, including your immune system.
The best treatment would be something like a therapeutic weaponized bio-active protein, that only attacks the virus.

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Yeah, there are already overdose cases reported from people believing the hype that we can just use this drug no problem:

Didn’t read the whole article - headline only - but according to that here in Germany this drug seems to be off the table again. Better don’t expect the solution to be that simple, that also keeps the chance to end up badly surprised a bit lower …

CNN is one of those places that want people to believe the situation is entirely hopeless. At times they are like actual propaganda such as The People's Daily, and other times they are like a full blown tabloid. They are one reason why I largely stick with alternative media now.


People without medical knowledge self-medicate with dangerous pharmaceutical drugs… :roll_eyes:
TBH i was expecting nothing else.

It’s a serious situation, but it’s not hopeless.

Want some hope? Read this: