Object Shake Addon [FREE]

Hi everyone, just wanted to say thanks to all of my supporters with a free addon!

Video Demonstration:

Some quick tips:

  • For the most recent version check github.
  • Apply shake AFTER animating, applying shake before will cause shaking to override other keyframes.

GitHub: https://github.com/thatimster/object-shake
Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y0x5cWNHIa9Gf5ZBP_R7tjCfeFc030OF
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jjilrrxxnm34fgp/object-shake-addon.zip?dl=0

Support Me:


Hi Thatimster,

nice plugin!

Any chance that you can customize it to Blender 2.8?

Yes I will add a 2.8 version once documentation for the 2.8 api has been completed.
I’m also planning to add a couple other features like adding noise to all selected objects with one click :slight_smile:

Can it be used for imitating hand-held camera work?

Yes you can, its perfect for this because you don’t need to keyframe anything.
I found speed 0.25, amount 0.1 to work well. Again you can hit randomize to give a different noise pattern (with same speed and amount).

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Nice to hear.
Then I’ll have to wait so long.
I’m really looking forward to the 2.8 version.

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Looking forward to trying it when I get to work tomorrow !
Everything makes sense except for the local/rot ratio but I will just get straight to the point here, this IS going to be use for camera shake more than anything else.
So from your own personal experience, what is the optimum loc/rot ratio [whatever that means], speed and amount it should be for:

1: Handheld.
2: super hero landing/sudden impact camera shake.

Thanks !

For handheld it is really a matter of scenario, for example standing still vs walking vs running. As mentioned 0.25 is good for speed with 0.1 as the amount, but if the movements are more drastic you might want to increase the amount. Again completely up to the context.

The Location / Rotation ratio is like a mix node. 0 = just location movement, 1 = just rotational movement, 0.5 is a 50/50 mix.
In camera shake terms I like to refer to location as ground movement and rotation as air movement. So for any landing I would presume its primarily location (maybe 90%) and rotation for the shockwave (remaining 10%). So you would set the ratio to 0.9. Again all depends on look and context.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Wow, an idea just came to me…what if…you have preset drop down list…mind blown…

Thanks for the explanation !

Its a nice idea, but there is multiple reasons why I have not added presets:

  1. Cramped, over-complicated UI. You will most likely have to extend the toolbar as well for correct display.
  2. Camera presets cannot be generalized to all objects.
  3. Actual movement is extremely subjective to context. There is no “one size fits all” preset that can counteract this.

You are totally right though, I suppose that would primarily only be useful because of the loc/rot confusion because coming from VFX background, usually when I am doing these, there is a separate positional speed and amount and rotational speed and amount.

You did what I do believe to be a very smart and compact move, but the end result is Lock/Rot have this awkward ratio sharing thing that I initially thought a preset would help in the easing of confusion.

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I can see what you mean, treating them as not mutually exclusive might be a better idea. I’ll see what I can come up with for the next update.

I have just pushed an update to github separating location and rotation, since as suggested before, they are not mutually exclusive. I have also updated with percentages instead of the 0 - 1 range. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Will update google drive / drop-box later, am still planning to add multiple object selection + property editing in the next couple days.

I am LOVING this plugin, but but but…
It is none animatable ?
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t,

Try this.
1: Apply shake to cube, set speed to 10 and press I to set key.
2: Go to frame 45 and set speed to 0 with keyframe.

Play back.
Nothing happens. No fading :frowning:
This is important because this plugin will be use for earthquake and explosions…

Can you have a checkbox named “Fade”.
And when checked shows “Frames to fade out” where after the specified frames the effects [position and rotation both fade off ! WOW !]

That’s strange, it appears that the pre_frame_update handler isn’t being called for some reason, but after applying keyframes to one object in a file it works fine for any others.

I’ve also noticed property key frames aren’t being deleted properly. For now I suggest sticking with v1.0 while I sort out the bugs.

The UI is already quite cramped, so adding an extra 3 fields for fading which can easily be done with 2 keyframes, is relatively pointless (given that the keyframing works :wink: )

I am in no immediate hurry to use it so I will wait for your new version.

Ok new fix has now been released, this includes:

  • keyframe fix (ensure frame change handler is always active).
  • keyframes applied to addon properties are removed when removing object shake
  • custom properties on the object are removed when removing object shake.

Check GitHub for the most recent version!

Next to do:

  • Multiple object selection.
  • 2.8 branch

New update v1.2 is up on GitHub. This includes:

  • ability to apply object shake to all selected objects
  • ability to apply curve randomization to all selected objects
  • ability to remove object shake from all selected objects


  • 2.8 branch

Google drive / dropbox links: Updated!

Just an update for people waiting for the 2.8 version of this addon:

I’ve created a new experimental 2.8 branch that almost works. There is only one problem caused by resetting fields inside Blender 2.8 when they are keyframed.
It appears to be unresolved, so animation will not work properly until this has been addressed:

2.8 branch of addon:

@Thatimster bug !!! for Blender 2.79b

Idea World:
Select Object->Add Shake.
While playing, press “Randomize” to see the position change.

Now for the visual bug:
Mid-way during play back, pause.
Press “Randomize”.
Wait what ? Nothing changes !
The only way to see the new change is to go back one frame and go forward again to see the new change !