objects disappearing at edge of camera?

I have a weird problem where objects disappear at the edge of the camera…

Now I’m guessing that the new thing, that when you object gets out of the view of the camera, the camera doesn’t render it, that’s really cool and all, but is there a way to disable that on certain objects? Is there a way to make it so objects don’t disappear at the edge of the camera?

This problem is really frusterating…

I’ll see if I can post a video, but not a .blend, I’d like to keep that to myself.

Hopefully, the programmers here know how to fix it, or people who have encoutered this problem would know how to fix it…

Thanks for all the help!

Try to at least reproduce this in a simpler file. It helps a lot for programmers to fix it.

I had this problem only with dome mode, but I had the feeling that this was something in the Blender code, not particularly to the dome one.

This is happens when you use armatures and the center of parented skin mesh moves out of the cameras view. The GE does not care about the deformations by armatures, neither for pysics nor for culling.

I hope this helps

hmm, it happens only with my boss characters, so is there anyway to fix it?

If it is in your post, I don’t understand what you mean.


Hi hope this helps you:

The GE renders object if the bounding box of the object is at least partly inside the camera frustum (left picture). The camera frustum is the “visible” room that is shown by the camera see wikipedia for details.

But if you modify the mesh (which can by done by actions) the bounding box is not updated. If the object center (with the bounding box) is outside the frustum the object will not be rendered. That means at the right picture you will not see the mesh.

This happens if:

I hope it helps

yeah! Totally, that thread helps, and your post gives me a better understanding!

I knew what you meant at first, I just thought you posted an answer to the problem in that post and I didn’t see it. But I never thought of increasing the bounding box of my character!

Thank you Monster, that thread really helped :slight_smile:

Hello all,

I am having the same problem, only that it only happens when I use a runtime executable. When I push “p” in blender and run the game engine, everything works perfectly. However, when I save a runtime executable and run the executable (i.e. the blender player), everything outside of the camera disappears! Does anyone know how I can fix this?