Octopus Rigging Wavy Tentacle Rigging

I wanted to create a similar Rig Controls. Is it possible to do in blender? I have basic knowledge of Rigging IK/FK but how to do the wavy thing?
Please, Your ideas are welcome… Thanks

I have seen things like this done, not with rigs, but with curves. Using curves to make the wavy tenticles.

You might also see if a lattice can help. But I think curves is the way to fix this.

But, it should be easy enough to rig one with armature.

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I thought of this.

EDIT: also this

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Hey thanks… it is easy to rig with armature but how to make it behave the armature wavy? any idea may be with the bone constrains?

I’m not that far along my Blender journey yet, but I would also be interested in how it works. My goal is to model and animate a selection of sea creatures and the Octopus is my favourite, and I guess, my ultimate goal.

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Check out CGCookies rigging and animation…you could possibly use this as well as SpringBone add-on or Wiggle Bones…

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i already did this rig but i don’t know to make it wavy…

if it is reality based octopus means you can go of hair particles as tentacle.

The waviness is from physics-- you can’t make that without having physics on something.

I’d do it like: 1) IK bones track individual target bones (which are parented to a single control bone). 2) A curve object’s controls are hooked to bones in that IK chain. 3) Soft body physics for the curve object (on spline mode for the modifier), with a full goal for the body-side control point and high goal for the tentacle tip control points, low or no goal for the intermediate control points. 4) That curve is either used to deform a mesh directly via a curve modifier, or is used by spline IK bones which then deform a mesh via an armature modifier.

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For a fast and dirty…use the Wave Modifier on your mesh or curve how-ever you modeled it…I’m not sure if it will work on the armature but should…