Official fSpy importer

I’ve just released a first rough version of an addon for importing fSpy project files to Blender (somewhat tested in 2.79). I’m planning to ditch fSpy’s current Blender script export in favor of this addon, which not only sets the camera parameters but also the camera background image.

Downloads are available here. Let me know what you think!

After installing the add-on, make sure at least one 3D view is visible, then go to File -> Import -> fSpy


Really awesome! Thank you for this wonderfull tool and addon !

It helps, but doesn’t set up the world nodes, so apart from the modeling, it doesn’t save a lot of time. It would be better to have it set up the BG and the World nodes.

Throws an error on Win10 x64 2.79

Hey, thanks for the report! There’s a new version with a potential fix for this.

Cool, I will give it a try.

Thanks! Did you get it to work?

I think it is broken, it does not register as addon so not listed in the addon menu, the prev version does

I’ve fixed an issue to do with add-on registration. Try the latest release here.

It works now, thanks

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Sorry guys could you please tell me how to make it work?, from the folder fspy_blender I can see 3 files and none of them appears in add-on list when I try to install from file.

The addon is distributed as a zip file, so that’s the file you should tell Blender to install

Just released a new version with 2.8 support. Ignore the “forward” and “up” import options - not sure why they show up, might be a 2.8 bug.


Awesome, thanks!

Don’t want to be nitpicky but there’s a small typo in “existing” :wink: :


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awesome thanks, that was the reason, I love this addon!!!

thank for the addon, really helping my workflow.
Just wondering is it possible to add the zoom function on the fSpy while we are plotting the axis?
thank you so much!


How do you use this exactly ? Must i save an fspy project first and then import into a new project ?

I ve got the add on installed just stuck on getting it to work.


This add-on is dead I take it?

Does anyone know of an alternative that would work in Blender 3.1?

Hi there, I use Perspective Plotter


It’s not completely dead :slight_smile: What problems are you having? Did you download the add-on from the releases page as mentioned in the installation instructions?

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