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Hi everyone,

I’m using blender for about a year now, but never created a real game. I already created some other, small blender games, but now I wanna go big. In this post I will inform you about the project.

Title Game
Project Purify

Project purify is a 2D side scroller game with 3D graphics. Player has to kill enemies without losing al his health. To make sure the game won’t be boring, we’re adding a combo meter. The combo counter will rise if the player kills an enemy within 10 sec after killing another enemy, otherwise the counter will go zero. If the player’s killing spree is high enough, he recieves weapon bonusses (extra long range for shotgun, ect.).

Walking with ASWD keys, aiming with mouse.

Main character is Forty Max. His mother was a whore and his father was an unknown customer. His mother was killed when Forty was three years old, so he was raised in a weird cult. In this cult he was called “Forty Max” (refers to the Latin word “fortis”, which means “power” and the Latin word “maximus”, which means “extreme”). The cult seems to be an sort of maffia clan, but Forty doesn’t know this. At the age of 18, Forty is allowed to do some “jobs”. Forty is being used by the cult leader for killing other maffia clans, but Forty doens’t know this.

The game has five stages, with certain levels included. The stages are based on the “Socratic play”, which was a populair genre around 1650. I only know the correct names in dutch. I’ll try to write the English name behind it, but the English translations are propably wrong.

Anyway, the parts are:

  • Expositie (Exposition) : Characters will be introduced, player learns gameplay.
  • Intrige (Intrige) : The real story will start. Forty will have his first assasination jobs.
  • Climax (Climax) : The action is over the top here. Forty will gain the oppotunity to kill one of the biggest maffia clans in town.
  • Catastrofe(Catastrofe) : Total disaster. The maffia clan leader he just killed was his own father. Forty will have a bad dream. Weird surrealistic levels.
  • Perpetitie(Perpetition): Main character clears his mind and does the good things. Because of his dreams, Forty realizes he has to kill the cult leader. Forty kills the cult leader.

Development Team
Doggie_B: Project leader, Modeler, story writer, cutscene director. Also does some base texturing, scripting, music composing and animating.
Badman: Music and Sound.
EvilTwin: Lead Scripter
Linkxgl: Scripter
Nikorar: Environmental modeler
WWK: Concept artist

Forty Max: Doggie_B
Ali N: Viper650


  • An experienced animator

Official Site
Just posted some artwork, but site will be updated soon.

Current Development status (03-21-09)
- Created model of Forty

  • Created Punk enemy model
  • modeled & textured pistol
  • created model of Josh (Forty’s best Friend)
  • created death animation
  • Created idle animation
  • created test level with an enemy you can die, possibility to walk and aimer

Next post
screenshots & artwork!

Hope you like the project. I only post this to keep myself motivated and inform you about the project. And sorry for my bad English :o

It’s screenshot time!
For all the people who can’t see imageshack images, I will attach the files.

1. Main character Forty Max. 3k verticles, but I can reduce it to 2k.
2. Gimp-edited render of Josh in an early fase.
3. Gimp-edited render of a pistol
4. Screenshot of the intro movie I’m working at
5. Test level in blender
6. Test level in .exe


This looks very good but I think the guy is a little high poly

Great approach, maybe you can have a moment of Anagnorisis where by killing the cult leader Forty comes to the stark realization of who he is.

I have to reduce the poly count of the characters, but I still can keep the poly count pretty high, because the levels will be very low-poly.

with that many verts you should be able to make him look way more detailed. You should lower it way down. Even 2k is too much.

mokazon, It all depends on your machine. I can have well over 250,000 polys in a game at 20 fps.

I know but 3k on one character! Wow! I have like 500 per character!

A character could easily go to 5k or above, depending on the number of actors on screen and watnot-but I do agree, those characters could be much lower poly without looking much worse- It’s fine to use plenty of polys, but make sure you use each one as best as possible.

Nice (freaky) story!

I think Captain Oblivion put it best. If you’re going to use them… make them count!

Mokazon: I’m working at it. Enemies do now have 1k verticles and look very detailed too. I also tried to add a texture, but Forty was too realistic at that moment. When I’ve created a decent texture I will reduce the poly count extremely. After all, reducing poly count is easier than rising polycount with good results.

Especially for all the guys who are interested in the gameplay, here’s a little test. The only thing you can do is shooting the punk to death, but there’re a lot of bugs right now. Don’t blame me for the death animation, cuz it’s one of my first animations :smiley:

Link to blend file download page:

Finished reducing poly-count on Forty. Watch the comparisation pics. In-game you will have +8 fps. If I reduce the poly count of the enemies, you will get have +10 fps extra! :smiley:


Wow you can hardly tell a difference!(he looks a little skinnier)Good job!

Much improved vertex count with little to no visual change- nice job : )

I recommend thinking in terms of polygons, rather than vertices, because that’s what effects performance.

Specifically, I believe the GE counts the amount of tris…

You might want to make his body a little wider, he seems a little skiny. Your game looks great by the way!

Some more low-poly models! :smiley:

As you can see, I reduced the number of verticles in the punk enemy model significantly. To “celebrate” this, I started texturing the model and created some artwork.
I only have one BIG problem: when I apply GLSL materials and use textures, my characters disappear! When I change the texture settings, so the textures won’t affect the color value, my characters will be visible again. I know it has to do something with the texture, but what is it? I’m using .tga files.


It was quit around Project Purify last week, but the project is back in the house today!

I started to create the tutorial level. It’s in VR-style and has 3 parts: target shooting, movement test and advanced tut. I started with the target shooting part today. I think I will add this part as an extra minigame in the project. Anyway, here’re some pics and a video (sorry for bad quality, my computer is very laggy when hypercam is recording).

Please post your reactions, I’m looking for suggestions and remarks :no:


I started to create concept art for the dream levels. Here’s a picture of a character called “Mr.Heron”. It’s my first gimp-drawing, so it doesn’t look as good as I wanted to be. :frowning: