Old house on the prairie (Final Final Last Post 11/17/04)

Hello Everybody,

Here is the final rendering of my old house on the prairie. Comments and critiques are welcome.




Nice job on the fake photograph stuff. Only thing that bothers me a little is the sky - the bright light on the house suggests that is bright day but the sky seems too dark for that (since it is so smooth I’m assuming it is a clear blue sky).

The ground looks very flat. What might look good is a picture from the distance, with the house surrounded by deep prairie grass


I think it works.

Very nice picture.

I agree with the with the lighting comment. Also, on the grass, it looks too uniformly laid out. Perhaps some random locations and clumping.

Here’s a link to a picture of preaire grass.


Nice, very nice.

However, ground needs work. Break it up a bit…make it rougher (not so flat).

And the house. It’s looks really good, but other than the weathering the house is perfect. There could be some sagging in spots and maybe some cracks in the stones. Slighly askew door or window shutter. Just some ideas.

Overall pretty impressive

i like the poetry of that picture !!!
goog really good

First of all great work on the modelling and texturing of the house, it looks really amazing! But the fact that you have just at some places some grass makes it look like some crappy pc game. Some other guys said the ground should be rougher but I think when you add more grass (shorther grass) then it will look very good.

Perhaps some clouds in the sky.

LOL!! I admit organincs are not my strong suite. :wink:

Thanks everyone for the comments and critiques. I will work on the grass and sky soon.

Grass: Only needs to be more believable. Right now it just sticks up out of the ground like someone pushed it into the dirt.

Dirt: Just needs to be bumpy. Its a great texture and its perfectly flat.

House: Fantastic… fantastic lighting too.

Sky: Just right. Go outside people! Sky DOES get darker the higher you look.

I love the old photo effect on this one (also try sepia!), but it’s true about the ground being too flat. It’s easy to notice that it’s just a plane with a texture. It needs bumps here and there to make it realistic (and then it will be perfect!).

Great job ! Black and white image put a good ambiance of the scene :slight_smile:
Maybe the grass isn’t abundant.


Dirt needs to be a little bumpier, but nice job on the house and other details like the hay bales.

wow. that is very cool. :smiley:

Whoa… I am rendering it with a bunch of short grass in the foreground. It has been rendering for about two hours and it has only rendered about 10 pixel lines (?). This is going to take days. :frowning: At least it is the weekend.

It was already impressive as WIP without floor. :wink:
But with proper environment it looks outstanding now. Especially the lighting is very realistic.

The old photo look is a nice touch but the quality of the materials from the WIP is a bit lost. Possibly a faded color version could be a compromise between old style and showing more of your great materials.

All in all, one of the best Blender pictures I’ve seen in a while. Keep on blending! :smiley:

Thank you for the kind comments, Usagi. :smiley:

Good idea, I will try it after the next render. The B/W version was a last minute, “This might be cool.” idea. Using B/W is sort of cheating. It hides some flaws.

Again, thanks everyone for the comments and critiques. Blender is a Great program and ElYsiun is an Excellent community. :smiley:

Bump. Updated first post with revised render.

Your final render is absolutely superb!

My only comment is that the grass looks too evenly distributed. If you’re using dupliverts, you might look at playing with subdividing your parent mesh with the random method (“Fract Subd” is the button)… I’ve never messed with this much, so I can’t vouch for its effectiveness… it does make a flat mesh “bumpy” (ie: uses 3D coords) which you’ll have to “flatten” again by scaling in the z direction… but it might work…?