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(garbager) #1

Just to say that I spent the last day of 2k2 to prepare for you Out of Memory trailer.
2 resolutions are downloadable, but none has the final quality.

here’s the link


Edit by Kib_Tph: I decided to host these files on the elysiun webspace temporarily: high: http://www.elysiun.com/hosting/temp/OOMTHigh.zip low: http://www.elysiun.com/hosting/temp/OOMTrLow.avi

(slikdigit) #2

downloading now- is ed3 the higher res? 'cuz that’s the one I’m downloading…

(Zweistein) #3

I can t open one of these two movies ;-( I really would like to see them. Which codecs do you use?

(slikdigit) #4

Just saw ed3.avi ! awesome!
its the best animation I see in blender, and would be a cool animation in any package. The lighting is fantastic, the stylized textureless look great- I saw in some other forums requests for textures on this- its very cool without them, and given your timeframe and design decision unneccessary.
my only gripe its over too quickly, and the successive fades come a little too fast, coupled with the awesome moving camera (I’ve a slight case of motion sickness)
I love the dof effects. I’m going to watch it again. and again. and again.
thanks for sharing. And happy new year, by the way.
@ Zweistein- mplayer reports the vidio codec as intel indeo 5. You have to watch this thing!

(garbager) #5

Hey thanks man :slight_smile:
Now the links are working, and the videos were renamed to more appropriate titles.

(Vigilante) #6

I got about 25 seconds in and the picture stoped, but the music kept playing stupid real 1 player… did it on my windows player too. :frowning:

(garbager) #7

Well i plays fine for me , you have to use Intel indeo 5 codec.

…yes I tried both and they’re playing smoothly, I’m sorry about that.

(slikdigit) #8

I noticed in the larger res file a slight glitch towards the middle- its not present in the lower res one. Perhaps its a slight file corruption that is giving realplayer the problem? Perhaps playing it with windows media player instead would solve it (on linux both mplayer and xine play it- in mplayer the glitch is barely noticable, in xine its much louder and longer.)

(garbager) #9

oh yes I use Windows media player.

(bg3D) #10

hey man that looks pretty friggin awesome…
tho all I could see was the low rez one… I’ll defintely be checking out the final cut!

(garbager) #11

The glitch is actually a reality, I just realised it. I fixed this problem but the file is now zipped.

(funkychild) #12

WOW. This is going to be really good. If I could make a suggestion though, it would be to try and cut down on the moving camera a bit. When it’s overused, it tends to lessen the ‘cinematic’ feel.

(kaktuswasse) #13

wow, very good!!

(Zweistein) #14


The Movie is as cool as your Pictures :wink: Really great work. I think best Blender movie ever fo now.

I couldnt see the movies at 5aclock, because gabarger did not uploaded it full :wink: I downloaded the high quality movie and it was about 20mb. Thats because the uploading prozess was not finished. :wink:

Happy new Year

(Vigilante) #15

I knew I wasnt crazy :slight_smile: thx.

(ec2) #16

Top notch. I see work like this and respect the abilities of the artist and thier vision. Keep up the good work.

(basse) #17

effects, lighting, and modelling all look very good… I like the style.

but the trailer itself, is just panning some stuctures and characters, not really showing anything, what’s happenning,… I dont understand what those things have to do with each other? the robot guy is dreaming nightmares in color? then something explodes and there is a view from outside? and then something drops and the guy falls and a hatch or something openens and this light comes from it?

heh… sorry but I dont understand anything what is going on :slight_smile:

still. everything is LOOKING absolutely stunning.


(garbager) #18

Well, basse, it’s cause I’m against trailer that talks about the story.

For me the story has to be discovered when you see the whole animation.
The trailer has to give you the overall feeling of the movie. If it creates a feeling inside you, then you’ll choose to go further.

But thanks for your comments, everyone. It warms my heart :slight_smile:

(Andy Goralczyk) #19

i just saw the highres version and…
wow… that was just great!
great mood, i like the colors very much and this level of detail!
i give you 5 zorros
:Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

lol… looks like this phrase is gonna be used every week… so many blender movies at the moment. :slight_smile:

keep working

(garbager) #20

thanks man :slight_smile:
Yes you’re right, I’ve seen this sentence in your ‘Just one wish’ short’s comments too.

it really give me strenght at this pont of production, but I think there’s much more things to explore in Blender. I’ve learned new things everyday, and I’m extremely amazed by this program. And I know the community will do his best to make awesome things out of it inthe future.
Everyday I see works eahc time more impressive.

I truly love your work, by the way.