Oscurart Tools Update - (rig, model, render setting & more)

Update 3.1 is in AddOns contrib!

Oscurart Tools provides many tools for objects, rig, meshes, render and files.
This is oriented for use in production.


New Overrides Panel:

Videos and instructions in the wiki: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Ex…Oscurart_Tools

Blog: www.oscurart.blogspot.com

Objects: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRb8YRyL4Xs

  • Distribute objects in the space.
  • Search and select objects by your initials.
  • Rename objects.
  • Duplicate objects simmetrically.
  • Remove all modifiers in the selected Objects.
  • Apply all modifiers in the selected Objects.
  • Relink Objects Between Scenes.
  • Copy Groups And Layers.
  • Copy Actual Layers to Other Scenes.

Meshes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXRgpZVqB2s

  • Object to Mesh, is a deep freeze mesh.
  • Select the vertices minor to zero in x.
  • Push all normals outside in selected objects. Good for quality checklist!.
  • Resym save XML map, for use Resym Mesh and Vertex Weights
  • Resym Mesh and Resym Vertex Weights.
  • Reconst, Recover the simmetry of the object and create two uvs.
  • Recover the simmetry in the uvs.
  • Export & Import vertex groups. Good for save armature settings.
  • Overlap Uvs is a simple reSymmetry tool for uvs.

Shapes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqhkFZjwZG0

  • Create one object per each shape. Good for export to other platform.
  • Create 2 vertex groups for mix shapes.
  • Connect all shapes with the “L R” groups! Good for facial rigs.
  • Create a 2D panel for mix this shapes.

Files: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWEgjP_9v1w

  • Make an increment of scene version. Example: _v01 _v02
  • Reload all images in the .blend.
  • Search and Replace filepaths in the .blend.

Render & Overrides: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rDBWFm0E3c

  • Make a .bat (windows) or .sh (Linux) for render by command line!.
  • Make Python Batch make a batch for a single Machine. If the render fail, python erase the broken files and run the render again!.
  • Render all scenes in the .blend.
  • Render Active scene in the .blend.
  • Render the scenes in the list. Now you have a gui!
  • You can specify if you need render only the current frame in all cases.
  • Overrides on/off let you see the overrides with F12 (render preview).
  • Check list let you know if the overrides are working correctly.
  • Create Override List, use only if the list does not exists.
  • You can override materials on LINKED OBJECTS!! Like in Softimage
  • Apply and Restore is a danger option, for test the overrides in the scene you can apply the materials to the groups and restore.

Update 3.1

Version 3.1 brings many improvements and many new features.

  • Incorporates the Overrides Panel (img 01)
    Now it is possible to indicate the material that is to receive the group.
  • Improvements to the layout, better organized, especially the render menu.
  • Option to view the overrides with F12.
  • Overlap uvs is a new option to the symmetry of a uv.
  • Export and Import vertices groups was rewritten.
  • Object to Mesh is another new option to force freeze objects.
  • Render Selected scenes now has a graphic panel to set that scene to be rendered.

Greetings From Argentina!

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I’m using 3.1 but Resym Mesh gave me an error.


First create the symmetry xml when the mesh is symmetric. If you lose this step you can save it from a previous scene and use it in the working scene.
This xml save the equivalent vertex index from the other side.
When you have the xml saved you can apply mesh symmetry.
If you can’t do this, I reccomend use Reconst Tool. This tool erase from the middle of the mesh and reconstruct it.


Thank you for updating your very useful Addon !

I cannot install it in Blender 2.67b.
I copy the Plugin Files from the Wiki into the User Folder of Blender, then it appears in Addons under “Preferences…” but it’s impossible to activate the Checkbox of the Addon.

What do I do wrong ? Shound’nt it be already in Blender 2.67b ?

Other questions (not really relevant for this):
Why you still write Osurart Tools 3.0 and Blender 2.65 instead of 3.1 and 2.67 on the Wiki page ? Shoudn’t this be updated ?
Why do I have to download every single File of the Plugin by hand ? Wouln’t it be easier add a Install-Zip to download ?

Sorry I’m confused, can’t follow the logic…

You must download the entire folder, and put in bin/2.6x/scripts/addons_contrib/
If addons_contrib folder not exist add it!
Check it out…

I must update the wiki page, but this take a lot of time now!.
About the download the files by hand… this way is better for the maintenance of the script.In other words, is very clean for update and debugging.

You can download the entire folder with tortoise (over windows) or rapidsvn (linux) and have it always updated.


Thanks, it works now ! :slight_smile:

Thank you. Thank you so much for this. I haven’t tested this out much yet, but the functionality you’ve given for shape keys, specifically splitting them into different objects, will save me so much time in everything I do. This should really be basic functionality in Blender and you really deserve more credit and attention for this than you’re getting.

I hope you’ll continue to add functionality to shape keys. They should have more development and basic functions than they do currently. As things are right now, designing shape keys with simple modifiers like subdivision surface(which doesn’t even alter the mesh in a way that would differ between shapekeys) is a painstaking process.

Anyway, thank you. I think you’ve made my Blender life a lot easier.

Oh Thanks!!!
Is great hear this words.

Please, make me a list of ideas for new tools. The idea of OT “tools for save time in production”.

Thanks a bunch!

Thank you so much for this.

This addon is a MUST ! :yes:

I’m not able to link all the selected Objects to all Scenes.
I select the Objects, click on “Relink Objects betweens Scenes” but nothing happens.

Any idea what I do wrong ?

Kind regards

You need select first the objects … and then the source object in the wanted scenes.
Simply hit relink… and then “copy groups and layers”

@oscurart great addon! :slight_smile: I will tested all function and I add on blenderaddonlist.
Really awesome work!:smiley:

It does not work.

What I do:

-I have 3 Objects in Scene 1
-I create 2 new Scenes from it (I choose “Link Objects”).
-I go to Scene 2 und 3 and I delete 2 of the 3 Objects
-I go back to Scene 1 and I select the 2 Objects which I’ve deleted in Scene 2 and 3
-I hit on “Object” in “Oscurart Tools” and then on “Relink Objects Between Scenes” and then on “Copy Groups And Layers”.
-Nothing happens in Scene 2 and 3. The Objects are still vanished.

What I wanna do is to relink all the selected Objects to all Scenes in the Blend-File.

Any idea what I do wrong ?

Kind regards

Alain, check the attached scene.

Select the objects in the follow order…

  • Cone
  • Monkey
  • Cube

Hit relink… and then… copy groups and layers…

CLAG.blend (517 KB)

Your instructions make no sence to me.
Cone, Monkey and Cube are already in all Scenes of your File.
I wanna link the selected Objects to all Scenes if those selected Objects are not yet linked to this Scenes.

I deleted now some Objects in Scene 2 and 3 of your Blend-File.
I go back to Scene 1 and select the 3 Object in your given order (the order is not really relevant, right ?).
I hit “relink” and then “copy groups and layers”.

But the 3 Objects are only relinked to Scene 2 but not to Scene 3.
And I have a Cone Object now in the Outliner of Scene 3 but not in the Viewport (see below):

Still very confusing for me.
Any further idea what I do wrong ?

Kind regards

you have off the layer 6.


I see.

But that doesn’t explain my question.

I just wanna link all the selected Objects to all Scenes in one Blend-File.
This just doesn’t work.

Any idea what I do wrong ?

Kind regards

Delete the cone and the monkey in the scene 2 and 3 and do the process…

Ok I see, the last selected Object determines in which Scene the other two Objects have to be linked to, right ?

But why such a confusing method ?
Wouldn’t it be easier to just select the Objects and hit “relink between scene” and done is the hole process ?

What if I delete all three Objects in Scene 2 + 3 ?
How do I link then all selected Objects in Scene 1 to all the others Scenes ?

Kind regards

You need the source object for copy the attributes… this is the idea!