OSX CMD-W quits Blender without asking to save

i’m not shure if this is a bug, but it certainly is bad.

While CMD-Q asks to save the file, on CMD-W or closing Window (if only one window open) it closes blender immediately in every case. So far i haven’t lost anything but it’s very un-nice behavior and i see myself swear in future…

Should i report it as a Bug?

When you quit blender, the current file is AUTOSAVED into a file called quit.blend.

Open this file if you quit without saving accidentally.

ok, i kinda forgot the quit.blend autosave, which i use alot actually.

“It is not a bug. I like it the way it is and do not want it changed.” You don’t consider it a bug cause you like it the way it is? (and apparently don’t liked to be asked if your shure to quit.) ok. i can live with it.

No Bashi, I don’t think it could be called a bug by any consideration. A bug is a programming error that returns invalid results for a desired outcome. If the desired outcome is to quit, and Blender quits, how is that a bug? You said it was “very un-nice behavior”, which is quite different than a bug, and just as subjective as my “liking it the way it is”, isn’t it?

While you say you “can live with it”, I have to live with endlessly irritating and insulting “Are you sure?” dialogs every time I say quit. To me, that is very un-nice behavior also.

Being able to close the window to quit without being asked to save (for me), and having autosave and quit.blend files cover CMD+W errors (for you) is the best for both subjective desires, and a fair outcome, right? :slight_smile:

My miserable opinion is that a dangerous command such as ‘close a document without saving’ never should be the default.
You could call it by accident with an elbow, and you’ll have not undo (and you confide too much on autosave, which not always works).
Do you know the habit of certain modal windows to have the option to ‘not ask me again’? That is fair.


Absolutely correct sourvinos, having the option to not be asked again is by far the best solution for our differing opinions. I haven’t been able to correctly build Blender from source yet (due to other issues), but if/when I can, I plan to dust off my C skills and have a go at making that an option… at least for myself.

It would be an useful improvement, indeed.
I can build blender, but I could not put my hands on the code…:no:


Having this as an User Preferences option would be the best decision in my opinion, this way who wants to keep Blender the way it is quitting currently could, and who wants an extra step asking them confirmation could too.
I wish i had any kind of coding ability :smiley:

The Main issue i have with how it is at the moment is that the quit autosave doesn’t save any ui changes at all. might be more it “strips” out to save space?

Let’s agree there should be a setting in the preferences to enable/disable “ask for save” on cmd+w. Ok?

I’ve just chatted with dingto. It’s a known “Behavior” and there will be no changes to how cmd+q and cmd+w works. Which is fine, but still leaves the point open (edit: to me) that the quit autosave doesn’t save ui settings.

Should autosave save those as Well? In this Case in my Opinion, clear Yes(*Edit). Even thou chances anybody is losing serious Data isn’t that Big, but still there… and since “we” know this “issue”, and in my opinion it is one, it should be adressed somehow, if Blender wants to compete (and it definitly does) with professional programs.

Just my 2 cents


(*Edit) If there is no other solution (or agreement :wink: For me it’s just, now i can see in my favorite software something like a trap :eyebrowlift2: which is annoying. not to serious

your absolutely right it is in no way a bug.
as you can see in my initial post it was a question. my response then was a bit to hasty and with to less smiles, cause it was kinda sarcastic. your post says “It is not a bug. I like it the way it is and do not want it changed. Save your work often, and don’t close windows. Simple.” so why should it your way and not mine :eyebrowlift2: i mean it was the second post, so 50:50, lol. so, no offense in any way. But what do you think about the quit autosave doesn’t save ui data/settings? bashi

( im wondering how many wrong english i wrote? never mind ;- )

Just to add my voice, and I hope many other interested will do the same!

Thank you bashi for taking this thread active and your involvement.

thanks for your kind words.

It’s the same mental lockup that made the Gimp dev’s refuse to implement a single window mode for 5 years - but now Gimp has one. The day I win $1.000.000 on lotto I’ll donate $10.000 to the development fund with the expressed condition that the first dollar goes to implement a save-when-quitting dialog box, at least as an option in settings, hehe… ;D

for the half i could learn C++ and make myself… :evilgrin:

Edit: I don’t mean half dollar…


To bad, otherwise I’d pay you the ¢50 over paypal directly… ;D

To be honest, It might be that the frameworrk somehow need a major rewrite to implement such a function, and then I get it, but if the function isn’t implemented out of pure stubbornness - which I’ve seen in other FOSS development - then it’s just silly, hehe… But I’m a user and as with most apps I don’t really have a say, so until it’s there, we’ll have to live without it, hehe…

One thing I feel very strongly about, though, is the right voice my opinion re. stüff like this. Sometimes I get the feeling you’re not supposed to complain - but that’s just wrong, of course we must be able to voice our opinions even though the devs decide if they want to listen to these opinions…

I think exactly the same, and that’s why I’m looking at other’s opinions: to understand myself if my requests are common to many, and if this is the case, to make the devs aware of the fact, so that they may decide to listen.


I kindof skimmed the thread, but can’t you just set that shortcut to something else (such as F5 or F6 ) in the user preferences [cntrl+alt+u] under input and then set default (cntrl+U) so as not to worry about it?

as far as i know, at least on osx, the (cmd+w) is a system shortcut. i haven’t found it yet in the user preferences.

but what about just make the [quit.blend] file save just save ui settings as well, then everything is right, not?

[alt]+[w] is an old ‘close window’ shortcut and I believe it’s an Adobe (or even Aldus?) thingie from waaay back in the day. I still use in in the Adobe apps (under Windows) to close internal windows, like in PS… In Windows that does NOT close the app, there you have [alt]+[f4], but in OS X I think both [alt]+[f4] and [alt]+[w] closes the app, right…?

And I don’t care what closes an app, might it be a shortcut key or klicking the [x] in the corner, I just don’t think any app should close without asking to save as default, no matter if it autosaves as ‘quit.xxx’ or not, I see that as amazingly stupid - but that’s just my opinion…

[alt+f4] (tried fn) doesn’t do anything on my macbook pro 6.2, but apple anyway somehow messed up a lot of keyboard-features lately, like numpad doesn’t exist anymore on macbook pro? i’ve had to hack it back (KeyRemap4Macbook) :wink: so much about “pro”. i think [alt+f4] is a windows thingy.