OutBreak: The Escape

Sorry about the bad video quality

Looks great but you need to fix your vertical tearing.

A bit misleading, can’t see the AAA.

while I agree, this is still WIP and they have time to improve it…not to mention that you could be more tasteful in your statement…if you do not have any constructive criticism it s probably best to refrain from commenting.

…that being said…I would like to see where this is going…could you post more info about what this game is about etc?

I like the start of it. Is there any story, whats the setting here?

I wish you well with this project and you’ve done some good work here. Unfortunately I feel that the very nature of BGE means that it can never produce true AAA content. I would be very happy for you to prove me wrong. :slight_smile:

And indeed it will be a AAA title, I see this project as good as some of my projects or even better. Just keep focused and dicipline and you’ll achieve wat you envisioned for this project.

Overally iam impressed Great work bro keep up the Awesome work buddy. :wink:


Sorry, I did not want to hurt feelings, just wrote what I felt (I expected something beautiful with the new PBR engine).

Constructive critique: do not call AAA what is not AAA and will probably never be (partially because BGE is not an AAA engine overall). Just call it a WIP game with BGE.

Why do you say of such things even when you dont make a game on it. It doesen’t matter what you call the game aslong as you stick to the vision of the game and you work to improve the game !!!


Dude the guy can always take or even import his gane to UE4 and what will you say it can always be a AAA even from BGE !!!
it all depends on how you polish up your game !!!


I should have explained that this video was to show game mechanics, im currently working on the 1st level of the game and i will post a video in a few days. Ill try and post some screen shots to show the real quality of the game :slight_smile: thank you for your feedback!

Keep it up…don’t let posting updates here distract you from making your “dream game”.

Yes, the logic and underlying systems here look really great and a like a ton of work. Good job! I am noticing these forums tend to value looks and presentation over the underlying mechanics that we are all here to discuss. Go figure.

That would helped a lot to understand, good job then and keep on working!

This is the alpha version of the 1st level in my game im still working on the cutscenes as well as working on some voice acting. its almost done and im just keeping you guys updated on the progress so far Hope you like it!
Feedback is welcome :smiley:

This is looking really good…A little advice…shorten the intro and the time it takes to actual gameplay…gamers have short attention spans…well FPS players :slight_smile:

also, when you get the 9 mil from the cop on the floor…that should not be a scripted event…the player should have to kill that zombie…that would give them a rush…

but, just my advice. everyone may have a different opinion…but this shows HUGE potential.

Very nice. Are you working on another level or will you polish this one first?

looks pretty good. do you use a texture on the flashlight? if the answer is yes, use a better one. if the answer is no, use one.

Finally we have a Doom 3 in bge. :slight_smile: