Output render file name

What I need to write in Output>Filename to get something like this: blendfilename_camera_date_time.png or blendfilename_camera_number.png

I know that %F - blendfile name, %C - camera name, %S - scene name. But also I need time variables, because I need to make lot of test renders and now I need to write date/time or number manually.
Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if/how you can get that info into the file name but you can use the stamp feature to print the info onto the rendered image.

I know that, but then it will still overwrite the file ;(

Problem solved :yes: Thanks to bdancer who add new variables! ONLY FOR VRAY BLENDER

%C - Camera Name
%S - Scene Name
%F - Blendfile Name
%T_H - Hour 24
%T_h - Hour 12
%T_M - Minute
%T_S - Second
%T_m - Month
%T_y - Year


Would love to see this for Cycles too!

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there is another way where you add number signs to the end of the file name, so if you have 1000 frames you need four number signs, example filename####.png. it work in cycles.


sorry forgot to say what it does, it adds the frame number to the end of the name.

ok so i went to use this in a video, and it didn’t work right. i had it as %S_%C_#### and that was the exact name it gave the file. is this for a newer version of blender, i am using version 2.74.


Little update to this thread (I should write it in February :(): Blender (With V-Ray Additions) from ChaosGroup is now using Python’s datetime directives.

Example from last 2.76 build from ChaosGroup Nightlies:

sorry i thought this was for blender render(wasn’t sure what vray blender was), thanks for the help, would love to see something like this implemented in the official Blender release.


Yes, blender 2.8 now support render variables.
Enable Oscurart Tools!!!

@oscurart do you have a link to more info about that statement? I can’t find any documentation about it! Thanks


oscurart, can you show us, how do something like this with cycles? I enabled Oscurart tools, but don’t know how to use it.
I’m using script saved an *.bat file, that render many files with blender in background mode. For me is just hard always writing file name in output section. 2 years ago I was Vray for blender user too and used variables prepared by bdancer. Than I switched to cycles with success, but this kind of tool was very useful.

I’m also begging for some sort of variables or tokens to automatically create and update file names (and other stuff). Look here e.g.

Thank you for fast feedback and link. I’m going there to some research.

In Blender 2.8+ enable Oscurar Tools and then you can use following variables in Render -> Output -> file name field:
$File, $Scene, $Layer

Hi all,

I have also been on the path to having variables in file names that I render. Specifically I am currently trying to have camera names in there. I tried the Oscurart Tools and they are a little limited, not to mention have little to no documentation at the moment.

I however found an addon that does do Global variables in the output path much better: it is called loom https://github.com/p2or/blender-loom

It isn’t perfect as of yet, but it certainly has a decent variety of variables. They don’t work in situations outside of just rendering the current scene, but I have made a request to expand this in 2 ways that may or may not come through.

I believe many people can find this useful. Hopefully even more so if the addon gets attention and love.