(weflection) #1

This is a Project i have done for my portfolio.

I appreciate your feedback about the scene.

Thanks and regards


Couldn’t help but notice that it looks a whole lot like The Lunar Jungle.
Nevertheless it’s pretty cool!
From the link I’m sure you can see what could be improved.

(C_Campbell) #3

The greenery and rocks look kind of patched together. I don’t think I expect to see so much dirt in this scene. And I think the white rock is over stated. otherwise look really good.

(Timo) #4

I like your scene it looks clean and all. But if you want to go for some more realism though I would consider thinking about adding some mud and other imperfections to the car, so that it looks like it had a rough journey up this mountain and not just got placed at the top.

(smilebags) #5

The mist is far too abrupt and heavy but otherwise it looks wonderful. Consider using a real volume to help the mist sit in the composition better.

(usernew) #6

Great atmosphere! However, the mist covering the Jeep is unreal. But on the lower left it looks great! Dunno if blender is limited in fog, but I could never work with fog properly.


Your nature assets look great, and so does the modelling and texturing of the jeep. I would agree, I think the fog ends too suddenly though. Great job overall :slight_smile:

(weflection) #8

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I tried to do the improvements and uploaded a second image in the post above.

(Richard Terry) #9

This looks good to me! The first image is the better one (the brighter one). The environment is crisp and clean, reminds me of driving through the mountains early in the morning and the dew is fresh on the foliage and dampens the earth.

The only things I’d suggest would be:

  1. Add just a tiny bit more of that fog towards the front of the vehicle (bottom right of the image).
  2. Add light beams to the headlights (so it looks like it’s beaming through the fog).

Good job though! :smiley: Check your PM.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #10

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile: