P38 LightningBolt and the Ornithopter - Challenge finished!

Hey guys and girls! The challenge is over

Ecks won with a mere 3votes with the p38 lightningBolt. It was a really really close challenge. Congrats to Alltaken, imo this was a draw, but we did decide at first that each vote would count and this is just for fun. So check for Alltaken’s elysiun status (just under his name I believe) in the near future (a couple of days at most) :smiley:

for more fun go check the thread over blender battle:
and BE SURE TO READ PAGE 4 AND 5!! :smiley:

thansk to everyone for their participation and help. Be sure to check the WIP section, BgDM started texturing the P38 and Nayman did an awesome Paintover on one of my render. It’s all in BgDM’s thread over there! I thin MrNightmare will be texturing Alltaken’s model. So, stay tuned!

Hi guys and girls,

well since the wip thread sinked in the chaos of spamming, we let it go. We’d like this thread to stay clean of every comments about Who is Who and who shall win or whatever. If you want to talk about that, go to our voting thread on blender battle, because this site has been made for that kind of thing. And go vote too!

You’ll have to register, but imo it’s a really good thing to do because it’s a great site to become better and do challenge against people of your level, or even better than you if you like real challenge :wink:

Now on the images, we’re searching for critique and comments here! so Critique them to death. So yeah basicly of the two is made by Ecks and the other by Alltaken, but please do not argue on who is who in here, if you want to, do that on blender battles forum. we’ll annonce which is who in a couple of days. Thank you!

P38 LightningBolt CVTOLV
WWII never ended, the Atomic bomb was never created, and the world as we know it now never came about. The long years of the war caused a massive drain on oil resources. The P38 LightningBolt Carrier, vertical takeoff and landing variant is a crucial ship in the Airforce, offering fuel efficiency, power, and Battlefield access that other planes would dream of.

Click for higher-res render

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The Ornithopter
The world has changed, the climate is in turmoil, winds are furious, and reasources are few and far between, the Aviation industry has virtually collapsed, teleconfrencing and data communications are more popular than travel. The Ornithopter dawns a new era in aviation, riding the wind as a bird, sailing through the air taking 98% of its energy from sky it soars in. This prototype marks a bright new aviation reign.

Click for higher-res render

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Dude that is Awsome do you mind if i scab some of these ideas into my latest WIP

how can u crit these?

all i have to say is AWESOME job both of you :smiley:

Both are superbly accomplished and exciting models.

Congratulations to both of you!


Well, I guess the only crit I have is that the number 32 on the orno-thingy doesn’t look like it belongs there, the font should be something that fits the orno-thingy better, but I guess Ecks didn’t have time to do anything about it. Good renders though!

both are really brilliant models.

i think you could go further with the lightning bolt model with some awsome textures. maybe some rust and small details like that. so i guess i wouldnt really say it is finished. what is finished is the modeling and it is extremely well done.

for the orintopter i think it is amazing as well. and carries the future design really well. only crit would be textures also, but you could proably get away without doing it scince it does have such a futuristic design. another crit is the feet. i think you could have made them rounded pads instead of claws. and instead of having them fly in the back you could make them hunch up under the wings.

just some small knit picking because these two really show the skill you both have really amazing.

also it is sad to see the works in progress thread sink due to spam. i really hope this thread has none of it. also curious why you made the decison to have an anynomous battle like this and announce the idenity at the ends?

really great stuff! both of you, who ever you are :wink:

I don’t really care who’s is who’s. I just want my hands on the P-38 variant when this is all over so I can texture it up.

Gimme, gimme!! Please?! :wink:

BTW, great work guys. These are both wicked designs.


Hi, thanks alot for the comments so far. really appreciated from both of us

as far as texturing goes for both of the model, well yes you are right both of them could, and would look way cooler with well done textures. but this was really about a modelling and as for myself I won’t have time to texture my model in the next couple of weeks at least, dunno about alltaken, but he’s starting UNI soon (if not already) so he might be busy as well…

we decided to keep the voting anonymous so there wouldn’t be any “preference voting”…because we all know everyone likes me better than him :stuck_out_tongue: lol…nah really we just wanted to be sure it was honest voting and anyway it’s about voting for the image, not the author :wink:

BgDM: I’ll talk to the person in charge, whoever he is, and get back to you with an answer on this.

Excellent work, those models are both highly original and extremely well modelled. No crits here :smiley:

No crits from me :o :smiley: Insane models! But maybe someday textured versions would be cool…

Amazing work, both of you. I really enjoyed looking at the shots from different angles. Both are ingenious designs, really. I love the rotating engines in the p-38, and the mechanical feathers in the ornithopter. It amazes me to see that modeling skill, and I’d love to see any tutorials you’ve found helpful for things like this.

As for constructive criticism, I can only crit the concepts, since the Blender artisanship is at full throttle!

-I don’t think I would have put the extra vertical stabilizer on the central fuselage.
-Rockets on the wingtips seem a bit foreign, or not as well-planned as the rest of the design. This almost seems like a plane you would always use guns in anyway.
-Wonderful attention to detail.

-Specular highlight on the canopy: I’d probably choose different specular shader settings, something that gives a harder, glassier specular highlight to complete the “studio” look of the render.
-Fantastic job with contrast, that is, the contrast between heavily detailed and detail-free areas.
-“32” is ok but that font…looks familiar…

Again, very nice work from both. 8)

Amazing - I would pay cash money to take apart your mechanical meshes, just to see how you built such a clean shape with Sub-d’s (this goes for both images)

of course, gotta get rid of that .bfont. This crowd is attuned to it like a shark to a small cut on an otherwise strapping youngun.

Ha ha ha. yeah good call, Booo to the B.font :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Guys both Models are just awesome !!
I realy like the Style that you both presented your Models. I realy like your setup of the Lighting of your models. Would be interessting to get some hints :slight_smile: Did u use AO for it ?
I realy have no crits at all for a Model presentation i realy think it’s just perfect.

yes we both used the same materials, lights, and World settings.

the AO was set to 14 or 16 i think, and there were two lights both buff shadow lamps.

we rendered at 2048x1536 then resized down.

we could happily release the standard file we used.


wow, awesome work!
I like the “birdlike” design of the “Ornithopter”!!

Really great models and desing :smiley:


Really awasome kickass pieces :smiley:
!!! FANFARES !!!
I wish look a wire of this “bird” :wink:

freeeeeking awesome guys! this is bloody top notch!


MAN! That bird robot is very origina, one of the best model I ever seen! Please make a good scene with it!