Pact infernal - Heresy (Animation By Chris Keegan)

Created during the last few weeks of 2020 lockdown from November and into December I had enough spare time to create a short animation to some wondrously dark and atmospheric music by Pact Infernal. The brief I set myself was to animate as much of the different elements of the music into direct visual effects. So that the Snares and kick sounds would themselves be creating the haunting magical lights and sparks across the forest. I was so pleased how quickly this rendered in 2k.

Let me know what you think?


I love it! the song is cool and really well blended with the animation overall. My only comment will be regarding the end. It’s way to steep and also some of the animations may look to liniar at some point but because of the song it kinda tricks that feeling. But yeah GJ! Looking for more of your work!

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Thanks. Yea the end was even faster, which I slowed down. Maybe I needed to slow it more.
Do you been the camera movement is too linear or the discs that enlarge are?

I liked it, pretty wild. Only thing i would say or have done to it would have added some motion to the trees, having them sway a little even if it was just from a wind simulation, but might have tried to get them to sway to the lights hitting the ground, like a concussion/shock wave. Pretty cool non-the-less, nice job.

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Yea leaves dropping and wind would have great. I will put them on my list of things to learn. And some kind of shockwave effect is a great idea. Not sure how I would create that in eevee? Any ideas welcome.

Was playing around and came up with this… maybe it will lead you in a usefull direction.

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I will try that. With the animation I took my computer to the limits, I wanted more trees but couldn’t really do it.
At some point I would love to take this sort of animation into virtual reality. Being surrounded by this type of sound and image would be fascinating to create and then experience.
I have a new computer coming soon. So watch this space…

Really nice job, the colors and atmosphere are gorgeous. Gave you a follow on Vimeo, you’ve got some pretty cool psychedelic animations there!

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Thanks, ArtAvenue.
Yea Psychedelia and animation work well together if you ask me.

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