Pangolin (scaly anteater)

I finished a pangolin (also known as scaly anteater)

Animal model: Wings3d
Plant models, materials, sculpt, render, compositing: Blender 2.5 and branches
Most of the textures: MyPaint

Big thanks to the Blender developers for so quickly fixing several bugs which disturbed me in this work. Also thanks to nudel who helped a lot with technical issues!

edit: background colour change because too many people didn’t like the green

click for bigger version



haha i really like that :slight_smile:
great compositing on the scene :slight_smile: i like the way you have used textured lighting to give the surrounding woodland a dense feel like your deep in the jungle.
really nice job all over :slight_smile: love everything about this. :slight_smile:

I love pangolins. However, whenever I talk about them people say, “A what?”

wow, this is awesome :smiley: very impressive

i’d love to hear more about the compositing you did for this! maybe even a tutorial?:wink:

That’s amazing! 5*

I love the pose and the concept behind the image! This ought to go to the gallery, IMO

@ GraphiX, people say the same thing when I bring up the Binturong :smiley:

I’m affraid I have to admit I don’t know what a Binturong is. Sounds like warm wet forestey area though. BTW, are all the trees Blender?

This looks great! reminds me of the sloth in Ice age, maybe because of the pose:)

keep it up

Ania, it’s a joy to look at your works, this one is very detailed and has a great light (render25 branch, perhaps…?)
Can you post some wires of the scene too?

5 stars, for me, and straight to the gallery :wink:

Well done Ania, it’s beautiful. The ferns are stunning, very crisp. Any chance of an even bigger? Would love to have it as my wallpaper for a while :slight_smile:

so cool!! good job!

Yeah I noticed that too, strange because I’ve known about this animal since I was a child.

Haven’t known that one, had to look it up, lol it looks funny
My next one will be a springtail, I think not so well-known either :slight_smile:

Maybe no tutorial, but I’ll show some screens. See the end of this post.

Yes, with hair system used for the lichen and sculpt > bake > texture displacemen wiht subdivisions (render branch) for the bark.

I attach some wires (bottom of this post). Yes it’s render branch, not the most recent version (because it crashed on this scene), but 25 already.

Sure :slight_smile: How big is your screen? The bigger, the worse the aliasing will be (because I rendered 4800x3000 without AA, and then scaled down to 33%), but basically I can scale down to any size.

Node setup:


1920 x 1200 is my screen resolution. Thanks!

I just put this as my wallpaper image, amazing work 5* from me.

WombatCombat - here you are. Thanks for putting me on wallpaper :slight_smile:

Wait, this still isn’t in the Gallery yet? Really?! This is my new desktop background as well :smiley: Thanks for posting those images, by the way.

I just looked at it full size, stunning. Gallery work. I’m joining the many other people who now have this as their desktop wallpaper:)

Don’t be surprised if this becomes the new bannner.


wow, the nodework you have there is incredible

No, thank you. It looks very fine indeed - just what I need for January, grayest of the months.

man that is perfect. i guess because i like those not so well known creatures, as a mater of fact i’ve been thinking of making a scene with an okapi(a relative of the giraffe btw) one of my all time favorite animal.
anyway, great scene 5* :slight_smile:

Oh, congrats on gallery. You definitly deserve it.