Pangolin (scaly anteater)

(ania) #1

I finished a pangolin (also known as scaly anteater)

Animal model: Wings3d
Plant models, materials, sculpt, render, compositing: Blender 2.5 and branches
Most of the textures: MyPaint

Big thanks to the Blender developers for so quickly fixing several bugs which disturbed me in this work. Also thanks to nudel who helped a lot with technical issues!

edit: background colour change because too many people didn’t like the green

click for bigger version


(bacon_chaney) #2

haha i really like that :slight_smile:
great compositing on the scene :slight_smile: i like the way you have used textured lighting to give the surrounding woodland a dense feel like your deep in the jungle.
really nice job all over :slight_smile: love everything about this. :slight_smile:

(GraphiX) #3

I love pangolins. However, whenever I talk about them people say, “A what?”

(Jeepster) #4

wow, this is awesome :smiley: very impressive

i’d love to hear more about the compositing you did for this! maybe even a tutorial?:wink:

(SSimpossible) #5

That’s amazing! 5*

I love the pose and the concept behind the image! This ought to go to the gallery, IMO

@ GraphiX, people say the same thing when I bring up the Binturong :smiley:

(GraphiX) #6

I’m affraid I have to admit I don’t know what a Binturong is. Sounds like warm wet forestey area though. BTW, are all the trees Blender?

(samara-99) #7

This looks great! reminds me of the sloth in Ice age, maybe because of the pose:)

keep it up

(Shilam) #8

Ania, it’s a joy to look at your works, this one is very detailed and has a great light (render25 branch, perhaps…?)
Can you post some wires of the scene too?

5 stars, for me, and straight to the gallery :wink:

(WombatCombat) #9

Well done Ania, it’s beautiful. The ferns are stunning, very crisp. Any chance of an even bigger? Would love to have it as my wallpaper for a while :slight_smile:

(blood) #10

so cool!! good job!

(ania) #11

Yeah I noticed that too, strange because I’ve known about this animal since I was a child.

Haven’t known that one, had to look it up, lol it looks funny
My next one will be a springtail, I think not so well-known either :slight_smile:

Maybe no tutorial, but I’ll show some screens. See the end of this post.

Yes, with hair system used for the lichen and sculpt > bake > texture displacemen wiht subdivisions (render branch) for the bark.

I attach some wires (bottom of this post). Yes it’s render branch, not the most recent version (because it crashed on this scene), but 25 already.

Sure :slight_smile: How big is your screen? The bigger, the worse the aliasing will be (because I rendered 4800x3000 without AA, and then scaled down to 33%), but basically I can scale down to any size.

Node setup:


(WombatCombat) #12

1920 x 1200 is my screen resolution. Thanks!

(Keith M) #13

I just put this as my wallpaper image, amazing work 5* from me.

(ania) #14

WombatCombat - here you are. Thanks for putting me on wallpaper :slight_smile:

(SSimpossible) #15

Wait, this still isn’t in the Gallery yet? Really?! This is my new desktop background as well :smiley: Thanks for posting those images, by the way.

(samara-99) #16

I just looked at it full size, stunning. Gallery work. I’m joining the many other people who now have this as their desktop wallpaper:)

Don’t be surprised if this becomes the new bannner.


(Jeepster) #17

wow, the nodework you have there is incredible

(WombatCombat) #18

No, thank you. It looks very fine indeed - just what I need for January, grayest of the months.

(John A.M.) #19

man that is perfect. i guess because i like those not so well known creatures, as a mater of fact i’ve been thinking of making a scene with an okapi(a relative of the giraffe btw) one of my all time favorite animal.
anyway, great scene 5* :slight_smile:

(GraphiX) #20

Oh, congrats on gallery. You definitly deserve it.