Particles With Geometry Nodes

This all started with a desire to pass the ‘life’ attribute of a particle system in a material rendered with EEVEE, not Cycles. (not supported in cycles) I wanted to do this in order to render ‘card’ type particles of 2D images/materials on planes in EEVEE, because Cycles would not be able to handle possibly 100s of redundant layers of transparency, but EEVEE can in a blink.

I’ve been using this a LOT ever since I made it, and have made improvements on the way, but I’m a perfectionist, and there are a handful of bugs and qwirks… that I don’t have the capacity to explain in this post… but I have to throw this out there…

Heres (1) example in action, I guess I’m a (new) user so I can only post one :rofl: maybe it will allow me to comment some more vids


Not the most amazing effect, but this post is more about the process/tool than the results here: this is endlessly flexible.

I was able to do this with Geometry Nodes, although it won’t allow me to post more media to show… :(. Anyway, this got fairly complicated with a lot of custom NodeGroups for clarity, so you might be better off visiting my site (linked below ,, and grabbing the github from there… or wait for a youtube tutorial to publish (which I will hopefully link here in the future?).

There are a lot of advantages to creating particles this way, loopable particles, complete position control, predictable randomization. For these effects, in addition to the nodes, I have written a custom panel to clarify and more neatly organize typical aspects of ‘particles’. With this, the geometry nodes can essentially stay hidden from a user’s perspective, unless they want a specific effect not available in the panel.

There is too much to explain in a post here, so if you are interested, please, check out hosts a link to my github, containing this and other experimental projects. Everything other than (this) particles mostly has been documented on that site. I’ve been working on an API and a explanation video, but was wondering if this is even something people would have interest in? Please! let me know any questions/comments :slight_smile:




Example #2


Example #3


Looks pretty cool to me :slight_smile:

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so there’s no way for me to really show the node setup because of all the nodeGroups…

the custom panel is much more user-friendly :slight_smile:


Just sharing more examples, trying some path-based spawning:



Congratulations, this work has been nominated for the ‘Best of Blender Artists 2022’ award in the #vfx category! You can vote for it here.

Means a lot that this was noticed and nominated!
Here’s an image dump of more systems created with this tool and geo-nodes: