BoBA 2022 Voting: VFX

How to vote

  • Pick up to three of your favorite images
  • Results will be made visible after you have cast your vote.
  • To change your vote, click ‘Show vote’, update your choice and click ‘Vote now!’
  • Voting ends on midnight, December 30 (Amsterdam).

Congratulations to @Indecom4000, @celestialmaze, @mediumaevum, @Maurof98, @werewolf1349, @Aung_Kyaw_Paing, @Felicia_White, @JangaFX, @Raffomachine, @Daylirium, @AkelexOne, @MrMelestor, @Alvvo, @joaulo, @MrMelestor, @celestialmaze, @GregL111, @orencloud, @tonilled, @Luke_Stilson, @GregL111, @Maurof98, @carlossosa3d, @Krzysztof_Repalski, @joaulo, @ALLO, @celestialmaze, @MrMelestor, @KarimJoseph, @Alvvo for being nominated!

This has to be the most insightful category yet and also the one I feel less competent voting for (at the same time I look forward to seeing how I’ll judge this category next year with a bit more gathered knowledge about blender)

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Upon checking the votes, I have removed ‘Rbd destruction vfx’ as a large number of votes were all made by new accounts all created during the last 7 days. The award is intented to be from the community by the community, and people who create new accounts just to help a friend aren’t parts of our community.

The poll won’t reflect this change - I can’t edit the data.


It makes perfectly sense!
Actually I appreciate that it works like this, so that votes will be always related to artists only inside the community as much as possible.
Happy new year !