Star Destroyer Hyperspace Jump | Concept Art



Looks great, but I think the framing is a little off.
Why u cut off the bridge? :thinking:
Is it part of an animation?

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Hi, the cropping data makes it possible for the image to look large-scale, dynamic and cinematic due to the ratio of 2.39:1.
This is not a bridge at all, I depicted the gravitational waves created by the hyperdrive before the jump.
Yes, initially it was animation, but due to lack of time, concept art turned out.
I spent a little over an hour on it all.

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The image ratio is fine, but you cut off the bridge/tower/“head” of the star destroyer. I wouldn’t do that and rather take the camera back until the top of the ship is inside the frame (or simple not use the wide cinematic ratio).


Maybe you’re right, but the focus is on the size of the ship, I’ve tried different variations, with other options it looks too flat and fake. The cinematic format plays a very big role in the perception of the image, I often use it. It’s more like a freeze frame from some cg video :wink: it took a little more than an hour for this work

Mama miya)))) you know, I fell scary emotion when I see this picture. Genius modeling, genius light.

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An hour? Really? OMG. AN hour for what? Lighting? Or modeling? Or all together?

Yeah, I assumed that was the case that’s why I asked if its part of an animation.
I can understand your motivation to try to avoid something too flat and fake and when doing animations you often can’t avoid cutting something off from a huge moving object if you want to have it sit tightly and massively in the frame.
Its more like a minor criticism, in regards to the fact that you only spent an hour - it doesn’t mean much.

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Thanks for the critique, its useful!

The destroyer’s model is not mine, I found it somewhere a long time ago.
I accidentally found it now on my PC and wanted to do something.

Initially, I did not plan to do the effect of gravitational waves on the background, it happened by accident when I mixed up the tool in post-processing. I liked it and I finalized it.

In this scene, all 1 light source is the light of a star .Setting up the scene and lighting took literally 10-15 minutes, the rest is post processing.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Congratulations, this work has been nominated for the ‘Best of Blender Artists 2022’ award in the #vfx category! You can vote for it here.