Pasta Stories setting

Here are some images from the animation project I’m working on:

We have just completed the scene and made a small teaser to show the setting, I posted the final result in the animations section.

The project is entirely made from scratch in Blender using Eevee render engine.

Every day I see incredible renders, a level that is unreachable for us today and I am shocked when I see crazy social works of people who have used the program for a few weeks (or days!). Well, we too started from scratch with Blender……. a little more than a year ago! :wink:

Getting here took about a year of work for 2 people, entirely in our free time (i.e. late at night), we made from scratch all the assets in the scene often inspired by online tutorials.

I don’t think it is a shocking result neither the time it took us to make it, nor probably the final result compared to many renders in the Artwork section of this site, but it has been an intense effort and we are very proud of the result we have achieved!

And now we enter phase 2, creation and animation of the characters… eheh I wonder how many years it will need? :slight_smile:


Is that a doughnut I see? :wink:

Great looking renders!

Thank you!
Hehe… this is my first published Blender project after all… there HAS TO BE a doughnut in it, right? :smiley: