Paul Spooner - Sketchbook

Playing around with net positive diffuse shaders. Is there an easier way to do this?

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Started fancying up a logo, and ended up with so many greebles!
TryopLogoGreebles.blend (133.9 KB)

Inspired by the visuals in the game Gris.
GrisPots.blend (361.1 KB)
The glass pots were very fun to make. So pretty!

Very nice blends

Was working on a spiral staircase. SpiralStair.blend (78.2 KB) Got this far and ran out of constraints.

Got inspired by Gris again. Concentric.blend (101.5 KB)

Having fun with greebles:

Yes, you can set your diffuse colour to R x 8,G x 8,B x 8.

Also - really liking the sparkleyness of your renders and overall cool experimental style. . Very nice. And I found the text at the end of your book vid very funny.

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By the way… there’s another artists out there with your name… unless you’re the same person that is… … and I’m a fan.

Thanks very much!
Sadly (or perhaps fortunately, since it means twice the content for you) no. We are different people. I’m this Paul Spooner:
Or, if you prefer the textual, this one:

Been thinking about candlesticks, so I whipped this up.
Background and floor made with the “Extra Objects > Wall Factory” add-on.
Candlesticks.blend (923.0 KB)

Sometimes, you just gotta play with masonry. Started with the “Extra Objects > Wall Factory” add-on, but significantly altered.

Also did this rainbow test render with my new computer. 67 seconds or thereabouts. Source file here: RainbowCubes.blend (99.6 KB)

Playing around with celtic knots

Big sketch dump from the past two years. Not counting the commission work I’ve done, and the big projects that are still in progress.
Digitized some of my scrap metal from a photo using FSpy:

Made a crazy procgen bookshelf script:
ProcgenBookshelf (1).blend (176.7 KB)

Modeled the Sawayama Wonderdisc from ExaPunks:
RetroDisc.blend (219.6 KB)

Some Greek architecture, corinthian columns and stuff, from Los Romanos de la Decadencia by Thomas Couture:
CyberGreek.blend (252.5 KB)

An animated poem reading:

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Really glad that the first prototype worked. All the modeling was done in Blender. Prints are by Shapeways.

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Playing with branching arithmetic curves:
Deco Vines.blend (142.5 KB)
Just a few examples of the curves:

The settings are saved to a mesh parameter, so if you select a previously generated curve, the script will copy the settings. Did a stream on the development too:

Updated version that works with Blender 3.0.1 and later.

Got stoked for the Kirby Krackle X-Bot-Galactus in PA comic/2022/01/19 so I made a bit of it in Blender.

Pretty happy with how the procedural background texture turned out, though it’s missing a dilate node that I can’t seem to find. The robot is cool too I guess.
Emerald Eye Bot.blend (141.3 KB)
^ source file if anyone wants to run with it.

Got an idea for an inverted city-covered planet. A city in the shape of a planet, covered in greenery.

The circumferential cities are pretty low-effort, but I think it turned out pretty well.

Blender file here:
Big Spaceship.blend (150.6 KB)


Think I got all the possible configurations, discounting mirrors and full pattern rotations. 24 out of a total of 256.
Wedge Configurations.blend (111.1 KB)
EDIT: Did the brute-force computational solution and found 19 configurations that I missed. Here’s the Python code that found them:

And here’s the completed set:

Revisited the wedge shapes and had the computer generate and organize them.

Wedge Configurations.blend (118.2 KB)
Put the source file on GitHub as well: