PBR Materials Addon

Blender Cycles PBR Materials and Procedural Textures Addon


It all began a little more than a month ago when Mourad Ghafiri introduced me to the world of PBR. PBR means Physically Based Rendering, and Cycles doesn’t do everything correctly for PBR. So we searched a lot deeper to find a way to build our own nodes, in fact we used the Fresnel Curves for different materials to make them Physically accurate. After some working I met Nathan Craddock on Discord (the new chat platform for Blender users). Nate helped me a lot with making some Procedural Textures and about 2 weeks ago, he surprised us with a screenshot of the addon he was working on, it was amazing and now the addon is ready!

Thanks to
Mourad GhafiriNathan Craddock
Robert Olisah


Thank you very much to you and to all the people involved!
It is all procedural, even textures. Nice!

Could you show some example about the correct way to connect the texture node to material node?

Thank you guys, it’s a big help

YAFU, This is Nathan Craddock (I wrote the addon). The textures are (usually) black and white image maps. They can be used to mix colors, add bump mapping, mix shaders, etc. Its really up to you how you use the texture nodes.

Thanks Nathan!
Ok, I thought there was some special way to connect them. I will experiment and do some test then.

Example 1: Mix Plastic and Aluminium with Scratches

Example 2: Mix Car Paint and Sand with Dirt

Here is the entire Guide

so useful!! thanks so much for sharing this:) you’re lifesavers!

Ohh Ohh…What a Addon…It’s Gold for a Node Noob Like Me…:slight_smile:

Thank You so MUCH…Looking so Great.


Thanks for all who worked on this. This is how blender material should be. Material just a click away. Great time saver. Thanks for sharing freely. Great friends.

Mourad GhafiriNathan Craddock
Robert Olisah

Thank you guys! Right now I am playing around with the texture nodes… These really are something!

Im still mostly on 2.76 and tried it some of the node options are there but others are missing. I guess I will have to make the move to 2.77 then.

Bunc, can you post a picture of the nodes? There weren’t any changes between 2.76 and 2.77 that would make it break that I am aware of.

A very nice video!
Except title. Can you replace it, please?

Having spent a lot of time today on blender guru’s tutorials on PBR, it seems you are missing several features. Am I wrong, but isn’t fresnel missing from the examples. I am not bringing this up to compare, to me it seems a few things are missing before it is complete.

I hope constructive criticism is OK???


The Fresnel is in macio’s but in a different way. It is a simulation of Fresnel using back facing and a RGB node. Both different effects but the true test is using an emission shader to view influences. Actually you can use other various node set ups to simulate this like using the color ramp, math nodes, or RGB nodes. Check the comment section of Andrew’s PBR tutorial for more info. It has a lot of feedback how the Fresnel works and how Andrew had the Fresnel setup wrong. I found the conversations enlightening.

How does it work?
For the Fresnel effect we used the Real Reflectivity Curves from http://refractiveindex.info/

Reflectivity Curve of Plastic

Copied in Blender

Good job. Thanks and good luck

@macio, thanks for the examples.
I can not find the way to use the Drops node like the cans with water drops example in the video. Could you give me some clue about how to do it?

Drops Example


Thank you! Do you know if there is any way to use Drops as factor to mix two materials? Thereby be able to have one material for the drops, and another different material for the surface.