PC Sound output into Blender 2.80

I want to use Blender 2.80/2.91 to make a music visualizer.
But i dont know how to use my computers sound output. Like through google chrome.
Or YT music, Is there a Python script for this?
Any help is appreciated!

To further explain what im trying to do.

  1. Be able to play music through google chrome or YT music
  2. Have Blender see the output and for example use that output to change the scale of something

A little bit of my music, If anyone’s interested
I hope that YT links are allowed here… :slight_smile:

Here’s the addon that might help you.

That sounds amazing!
I would love to get a free copy of it, And i will tell you how it works out for me.

This can also be done in the animation nodes addon. The advantage is that the addon can be used for so much more, and it’s super easy to customize.

Would you mind sending me the link for that addon?
I want to try that out for myself! I looks pretty easy!

Audiovis is probably going to end up being easier, but when you get better at animation nodes, you should be able to customize it to do other things pretty easily.

Yeah that makes sense, Since his has more of a user interface. As appose to using nodes.
But thanks just the same!