Pentecostal Church

I have had this congregational house in my mind for some time, and decided to build it in Blender 2.8, which was much less problematic than I thought it would be.

This time I decided to elevate the choir well above the ground floor, and added a gallery that goes around the eniter room.

I was initially trying to create a nightime shot, without environmental lighting, but it didnt look right.

Rendered with 650 samples (Branched Path Tracer) in Cycles and denoised at 14px with default settings.

I highly appreciate any critism and questions.

God bless!

EDIT: Render from the view of the choir


Not bad at all.

Though that church must have a huge choir if the loft has that many chairs (not too common, but not a critique), the only thing is I’m trying to figure out where the choir director would stand so the singers can see him.

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Thanks for the feedback! The choir might be oversized (although it looks nice with a myriad of seats, but 190 seats are maybe an overkill). I also thought about the director visibility issue when I was modelling it, and decided to put the pulpit further away from the choir, so that the choir can see the director if they stand and he stands at the pulpit. I was thinking of making room for a place where he could stand at the same level of the choir, but that would be in conflict with my idea that the batistry should extend all the way to the wall, so that the baptisms would be visible for everyone at the lower floor.

That would technically work out, unless the pastor needs it at the same time :upside_down_face:

I wouldn’t worry too much if you see this as being overly focused on the details, I can be finicky in these things with my own work as well (even if it means a part being redesigned).

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Haha, you’re persistent! But I appreciate the thughtful comments :smirk:

:open_mouth: :dizzy_face: I just can’t utter a single word except ‘professionalism’.

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Thank you for the kind response! Glad you liked it :grinning:

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