Pepa & Lola

This is a recent pet commission, which was painted entirely in Blender with grease pencil.

Here is what the initial sketch looked like (also grease pencil)

And a look at my file and my piece in Wireframe mode, just for fun (or is it slightly terrifying? lol)


I didn’t know this was possible in blender. Nicely done.


Thank you! I really enjoy the process of painting with grease pencil


This is very cool … but I have to wonder what it is about Grease Pencil that you chose it over something like Krita or Photoshop or Painter (other than them being paid apps). Some level of control that the other apps don’t offer? Not criticism - just curiosity :slight_smile:


I still don’t understand why 3D software needs so high functionality for drawing 2D. But the work is impressive, very impressive.

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I think my computer would die if I even thought of trying something like that. :grin:

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Blender had a game engine once. Blender is an artists tool. It can edit videos, it has photoshop abilities, video stabilization, tracking, and so on.

However it does not have anything in the audio department. Ton is hard of hearing :smiley: . So blender is a visual artist tool.


All of these are useful for 3D artist:
0. You need a video editor to convert your animation from PNG images to video file;

  1. You need ‘photoshop abilities’ for post-processing of your render;
  2. The motion tracking can be used to insert your 3D models to a video.
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Hey, all good, I get that question a lot! Krita is also free, so although I really appreciate that Blender is free, that’s not the whole reason. Grease pencil allows me to draw and make strokes like other art software, but at the same time it’s vector-based, so that every single stroke can be selected and modified in numerous ways! Without going into too much detail, it offers me freedom and flexibility that I’ve never found in another program - and while it’s not for everyone, I prefer it to anything else I’ve tried :slight_smile:


Fair enough! I’m mindful about geometry and keeping my point-count low, drawing with very simplified strokes, but my laptop is still struggling by the end of a big piece like this!


Well done! Love seeing more 2D and stylized work within Blender. Keep it up


Fantastic work!


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I figured it would be something like that. I haven’t used Grease Pencil much at all - but just seeing how you can manipulate individual strokes both on the macro and micro level is pretty sweet - something you don’t see in most illustration packages. Kind of like the best of both vector and raster worlds in one place :slight_smile:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

I really love the emotion and care you put into each of your pieces!

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Closest comparison point might be adobe Flash, now Animate I suppose.

Lovely work! Congrats!

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a m a z i n g!!

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Yeah exactly :smiley: now it feels too weird to go back to other programs and have all my strokes just merge together on each layer

Thank you! I’m glad you like seeing it :slight_smile: