Perfect studio setup test

I might be officially mad, but I’m going to share with you my secrets for creating those perfect lighting studio setups and materials the pros use but in blender cycles. If anyone has any questions about the setups feel free to ask. I’ve purposely kept the node setups as simple as possible so you can see exactly how it was done. Enjoy.

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Pefect studio plastic test with blend file.

studio-plastic.blend (942 KB)

Perfect fire + smoke test

fire2.blend (623 KB)


Perfect glass setup…

glass.blend (956 KB)

Perfect sss tests.

sssteapot.blend (986 KB)


SSS shader test on model, green plastic.

Another monkey sss test with blend file.

sss.blend (568 KB)

Ocean test (not perfect)

ocean.blend (521 KB)

Super fast colored emitters.

The basic emitter is great for white lights for colored lights there’s a problem. It either displays all one solid color and doesn’t look realistic at all. My solution is to add a shader to create a more graduated gradient. This technique is great for lampshades and other ambient lights.

fast-lights.blend (650 KB)

Cool, thanks for sharing.

Nice & simple setting… thanks.

Thanks! I really like the SSS plastic.

Thanks simple fur test… please see, teddy bear post below.

Could you show a perfect portrait setup? Thank you. and by the way, thanks for sharing these setups. they are really good. will be useful!

@thesculptor, I’m not too sure, I would suggest a black background and three light sources similar to the ones in my generic studio setup.

The key would be getting the skin shader just right.

It’s no problem! I will be following this thread, it is indeed very interesting!

Perfect Teddy bear and sheep wool tests…

Here’s the blend file, once again just crank up the children, I reduced it to get the file size down.

teddyblend.blend (1.37 MB)

The perfect rug test, make sure the emitter box is turned off, uv unwrap as usual. Make sure you have a high number for children set (see red box 400+).

Here is the blend file, once downloaded just increase the children as shown in the red boxes.

rug-x.blend (1.27 MB)

The perfect glasses test…

Coming soon, the perfect diamond test, and not forgetting blender internal… the perfect electron microscope effect test.

If anyone has any requests please ask them here and I will try my best to answer :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing these! I will be sure to check out each setup you post.