Person Tutorial Wanted!

I know there are lots and lots of person modeling tutorials out there on google, but I am barely a teen, and I don’t want to risk looking anymore after finding out that at least 99% of those tutorials tell you how to make a naked person. Does anyone know a tutorial on how to make a person, but not exacly, naked? But I want to make one almost photorealistic (realistic is good enough).

you can make a naked person then extrude parts of his body to create the clothes…
or model the clothes from the beginning.
using a reference image for the anatomy would greatly help

good luck

I’m saying that I don’t want to have to use naked references.

How about starting from a dictionnary plate where drawings only show the muscles under the skin? Would this be a less offending reference? It would be precise enough (even more) than a photograph.

Thanks for the suggestion, but what’s a dictionary plate? And what do you mean by less offending reference? I just don’t want to see nudity at my age while trying to make a person, but I want to make them realistic.

Perhaps you should focus on robots, cars or other hard surface modeling until you are a bit older. The reason artists model from nude references is because a clothed person is actually a naked person with clothes on. Unless you can accurately model the body underneath the clothes, it’s very difficult to model the clothing accurately. Attempting to do so in the beginning would probably build up a lot of bad drawing/modeling habits which would be hard to break when you get to the point of not being offended by looking at natural human beings.

One possibility for getting “non nude” reference images would be to download something like DAZ, along with their free male and female puppets, then “dress” the puppets in some solid non-flesh color material, like blue or green. If you leave the hands and feet, neck and head flesh color, it will appear that the puppet is wearing a tight-fitting body stocking. Then do DAZ orthographic renders from front and side, to use as references for your Blender modeling.

Another possibility is to get a hold of a copy of a “how to draw superheros” book (check the art section of your local bookstore) and scan in some of the illustrations of superheros in skin tight costumes.

A really great book of non-nude artistic reference is actually a weight lifters book: Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier, which is partly the “dictionary plate” type drawings of muscles under the skin (like on the book cover shown in the link) and partly illustrations of people in work-out clothing.

Good luck. :smiley:

Thanks Orinoco. I think I might want to wait a little while before I start modeling people, : ). I’ll stick to making cars and doing render tests and other stuff.

On on hand I admire you taking a personal stance of “self control” in regard to what you allow your eyes to see, on the other hand I think you’re cutting yourself short for perhaps legalistic reasons.

Those great artists like Michaelangelo, Leonardo and so on, not only studied nude bodies to improve their anatomical knowledge and skill, but they even went into morgues, surgeon tables and such to examine raw flesh parts (heart, the digestive system, brains etc) in close detail. Without that background, those classical paintings they are remembered for would have been pathetic stick figures by comparison.

They are the reason why serious artists (and yes they can have a sense of humour and still be serious about art) have groups who meet together for “Life” classes; organised meetings where they pay a naked model to pose for them to practice drawing.

Don’t get fixated with learning to “model in Blender”. You should study to learn to draw. Whatever you can draw with pencil, you will be able to model in 3D.

While you are not looking at other people, perhaps you could use a mirror and study your own frame? Use pencil and paper to draw how the chest joins onto the shoulder, the collar bone, neck and how it all fits together . Try to draw what the muscles would look like if you had no skin. Can you work out which part of your arm has one bone or two? And the par that has two… when you twist your wrist, which bone crosses over the other to make the turn? You have been awesomely made, and the knowledge definitely helps when you have to mimic these details in advanced animation later on. Learning to study just your own hand is an excellent start.

There is a bi difference between a cougar made by someone adding pipes to a barrel and one made by someone who thinks about how the muscles should move.

But yeah… big speech aside, have fun, and good luck.

im a little bit confused.

whats bad about naked people? we all are !

In my opinion there is nothing bad about it. Dont you see yourself naked every day? perhaps in the mirror or by looking down ?

ok i hope i dont disturb your ambitions but perhaps you are only frightened of other people naked ?

my suggestion:
try model yourself or parts of you. take yourself as a reference! Make some photos, draw a selfportrait, or only try to sketch your proportions. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you paint yourself, and i think nobody can prevent you from seeing yourself. Its fully natural.

When you get older you will see that the other people are just like you, and you will not be ashamed any more.

Sorry I didn’t reply!

Lancer: I could use myself as a reference, and my english teacher said that she would contact the advance art teacher to get me in, because at my school, electives are first come first serve! But, unfortunatley, the art teacher retired before I could get in the class, and now they only have regular art, : /. I don’t want to Google reference pics because it would be inappropriate for my age. But for now, I could take a picture of my hand, and just try and re-model my own hand until it looks photorealistic. And, yes, I do put on clean underwear!

nice1983: I am not scared of other naked people, it’s just, I’m too young (13 yrs) to use nude human blueprints!

Hi, YellowLambo.

I think that if you are new to 3D modelling, you should model non-organic stuff first. I mean something like barells, houses, some things around you which you can take to you and spend hours looking at it and model it (like pencil, PC mouse, glasses, a book, dead cat, etc.).

Anyway, I dont think that you are too young for naked person references. I dont know if it is illegal in you country (USA?). It is not something bad to look at naked person as long as you think “artistically”. It is true that any artist is using naked person photos or “live actors” for their works. If you are planning to be an artist you will be using it too for sure.

As an artist your daily routine is to look around you. The same way you will look at structure of a tree, the same way you will look at a person and think about edge loops, specular shading, textures.

Naked human person is natural thing. More references and tutorials you will see, more you will know about humans, faster and more accurately you will model human parts.

I have seen a lot of people reference pictures in my life, soI am able to see people naked even if they have winter clothing :).

– modelling your hand is great start, wish you luck ;).

Well, I’m just going to start modling my hand, and just wait a few years. In the USA, where I live, any nudity is considered rated R, so… I’ll start on maing my hand, and start a new thread, called, “Modeling My Hand”.

If you are absolutely desperate for a full-body model that isn’t technically nude, you could check out some images from the “Body Worlds” exhibits. They’re dead bodies that have been treated in such a way that they can be posed and displayed without any decay. It gives a very good look on human anatomy, particularly some of the action-shots.

Ah, poor innocents from Europa and Oceana. You don’t understand the constraints YellowLambo works under. One bluenose teacher sees him accessing a photo with a nipple in it and bam, his internet access is gone for the year, his parents are notified that they are bad parents for raising such a degenerate and a notation goes into his record which will follow him throughout the remainder of his middle and high school career.

This is the absurdity that is the United States: I took a life drawing course at a community college, which had agreements with local high schools to provide instruction for young art students who had gone beyond the courses offered in high school.

We had a seventeen year old classmate, who actually had to sign a document stating that he understood the campus bookstore sold magazines with nude pictures in them (Playboy and Penthouse) and that he promised under penalty of expulsion that he would not attempt to buy or even look at them. The document also required the student to get the instructor’s signature, which obligated the instructor to do his part to enforce this rule. This is a student enrolled in a life drawing class !!!

YellowLambo is wise beyond his years.

Thank you Orinoco. I’m starting to feel a little wierd talking about this subject… I think it’s time we temprarily (until I live in my own house) shut down this thread.

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You can go here, but if you don’t like nude models I suggest NOT using his reference site, Like seriously… I was emotionally scarred…

There is no nudity in the tutorial itself however, so is should be good. I really like it 'cause it’s low poly enough to use it in games, and high poly enough to be pretty useful for normal modeling. Pretty good in general. Only problem is that it’s for 3ds Max so there tris involved, but a semi-experienced modeler should be able to work around that. Only thing that the tut doesn’t go over is the head, but there are plenty of non-nude tuts on heads. Good luck!

Until you get your own house? If you’re 13 wouldn’t that be in like… 11 years at best? Most likely a lot more? Wait that long and you won’t have nearly as much experience as you would have, and may not even be interested in Blender! If you want to learn, learn now when you have the free time. I am 13 as well, and I suggest looking for that 1%. Just be careful. VERY careful.

I didn’t look at the link yet, but I’ll still say thanks! And BTW, I think I’ll be into Blender for quite a while… Blender is one of my main hobbies and I might want to work at a place like Pixar, so Blender just might help me in my career.

Here I’ll make this quick for you. type in the search bar or visit veoh, and look a Mike Jones, “How to Model A Female Head In Blender Part 1” Type that in goggle or something. Check it out. I created my first ever 3D Model with and I’m a newbie!

It’s only the head though, not a bad base until you can do the body!

Orinoco: Thanks for explanation of the problem. I see that kids in America are very restrained. If a teacher sees his student look at some nude pics in school in my country, he would give him a slap, take those pics and let it be. He will maybe say it to parents and thats all. But the main thing is, that looking at nude pics is nothing compared to what are the children doing during a standart school lesson.