Peter Jackson to Produce the "Halo" Film

Heard this on MTV2 today. Had to look it up for sure! This could possibly be the first good video game to movie transformation! :o

BBC News Article

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It’s meaningless. An Executive Director credit basically amounts to the movie studio giving you a huge wodge of cash for permission to put your name in the credits. Jackson will probably have no creative input whatsover, but the makers will be able to advertise the movie as being “From the Director of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”

I think the whole Halo movie idea is… well… stupid. Still waiting for Crash Bandicoot’s big screen debut…

well…if theres a story to tell…Im sure jackson is able to squeeze all of thats in it for us to see.

I reckon Halo will probably be better than Doom. I can’t imagine the Doom movie having much of a plot. I think the only video game to film I ever liked was Tomb Raider.

Doom was pretty much crap, i just started laughing when they did the whole “fps” camera mode, i felt like i was playing Area 51(the old arcade game)

Only reason i want to see halo is just out of curiosity, great fan of the games, i want to see how theyll mess it up on the big screen

already said thins but peter is not “directing” it, he is mearly a name as an executive producer.

so it will not be a peter jackson film.


Although he will be putting money into it, he’ll have SOME input. Plus he’s Peter Jackson, who wouldn’t listen to his advice? (If he gave any)

theres lots of “good movies” without a plot. If you want a plot. Read a book, and leave Holloywood out of it, cus plots is never there strong point.

But i must admit, i like Doom3 the game but i’m not expecting to go to the movie… its a game

exactly, i think they’re just throwing money at him so his name will be on it, then people might take it seriously…

well Peter jackson owns Weta, so weta will be making it. (weta digital and weta workshops)

Executive producers offer input, but are not necisarily on set. they may offer pre-production, editing… help but are not in control.

yes he will have input.


LOL! I’ve gotta love that sentence! If you don’t mind - I’ll probably quote you
on that one day!

So true!

I hope this movie won’t come out like Tomb Raider 2, which totally sucked. Even when they said 2th was better then 1st, I totally disagree. Anyways, I have fate in Peter Jackson. The LOTR, King Kong (which looks awesome as well) and now Halo. Btw King Kong the PC game is also really awesome. I’ve played it and found it pretty cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Games based on movies usually suck, and movies based on games usually suck.

I don’t care who’s producing it. Changing mediums like that just destroys the idea.

HALO actually has a much deeper storyline than people realize. I recommend you to look for the HALO books by Eric Nylund. Excellent science fiction, they are.

Providing the storyline team that worked on the books and video games has as much input for the movie, I think this movie will turn out pretty good. :stuck_out_tongue:

i hope there will come a movie with Rayman in it(and the others)

Halo is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo overrated, I don’t see what all the fuss is about, the game was average at best, no new concepts, no new plot, nothing original about it what-so-ever. I haven’t read the books (I’m sure they are better than the game ie. they weren’t written by microsoft :wink: ) So as long as the movie isn’t going to just be about some super-soldier fighting a bunch of aliens (sound familiar? %| ) it should at least be watchable.


I don’t see why people think Peter Jackson is that great. His LOTR movies were great, of course, but he just made an exact film copy of the books, which he was later acclaimed for. There was absolutely no innovation. Costume design, you say? Well, it’s certainly not difficult to picture what an orc could look like, and with the budget he had making them real wasn’t a problem either.

Which is my next point; his budget was massive, anybody with their head screwed on the right way could have produced a great movie with that budget, and even moreso with Tolkien’s writing. He’s overrated; there was little creative input into the movies. I read the books and all three of the movies are just copies of them, with little “bonuses” added, like the gigantic elephants, and vast CG animations.

I’m not saying he’s a bad director, but it’s not like he was the only person behind the entire production of the movie. It wasn’t a one-man-show, and it’ll never be one. Jackson is pretty happy with himself now, though, because he can get money for merely appearing on the movie’s cover and talking about the movie in the DVD Bonus items.

you seen his early works?

he is increadibly creative, he also was good enough (for LOTR) to ask for a percentage payment of the earnings. i think it was somthing rediculous like 10%, he was the only director who suggested making 3 films rather than 1 film (hence he got the job) and was the only director who wanted to be truthfull to the books. that in its own right got him noticed. nobody in film hisotry had done 3 films “at the same time”

he was filming shots for film 3 while making the first film. spanning a total of 7 years of filming non stop, every day… that had never in history been done.

that guy has serious balls. and spent about a 1/10th of his life on that film

to everyone (again)
BTW PETER IS NOT DIRECTING HALO. he has sweet F all to do with halo.
exectutive producer does bugger all.



you seen his early works?[/quote]

Not to mention the upcoming King Kong. I believe he was even Kong’s stunt double in some scenes :P.

Yeah, that definitely takes commitment.

We don’t need to know about his sex life. :-?