Phoe sisters

So I started a new project for sculpting practice.
I’m inspired by “Phoe sisters” made by Carlyn Lim ( I will try to recreate the concept in 3d space. I like hard surface combining with biological form and cartoon style forms.
I don’t know if I will do both. We will see. :slight_smile:

My morning progress.


nice start in the blockout.

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Done some adjustments in with forms and positions. It’s great that now in 2.8 I can make shading while sculpting and see how forms build with different materials.

Also did some work on the face and hair.

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After base mashing I switch to Zbrush. Sculpting partis easier in Zbrush than in Blender. Working on small details. Started wit the chest and don some work on shoulders and “hair”.

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Today work on arms and legs. I wont to make asymmetry for arms folds. With symmetry, it’s lost its interest and look silly. Correct shape of lower chest-armor part.


Finished the face and almost done with the helmet. Helmet missing some metal part on top and the glass part. I plane to bake all and do game real-time mesh in EEVEE. Also, I plane to make hair in Blender with its instruments.

Holidays update.

nice work by the moment, but the pelvis look inappropriate for a robot IMO, thats looks easier to break with a kick lol.

Yeah, the pelvis is the Achilles heel. Do to the concept it’s right, do to the logic - not much. But I don’t worry about that.
There also floating shoes, without any explanations. !!The magic holding them together. I don’t know if I want them in the end, I prefer normal steps for this lady rather flying around.
Overall the concept is weird, but that’s why I like it.

The modeling with pelvis will be done next. The hard surface I leave for Blender.

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Almost finished with sculpting and highpoly detail.
Did some work on legs and missing parts. And now I back to the Blender.

Give some love for Hardsurface parts. Pelvis now is more correct. And did some extra frame support for back armor.

You can rotate it here.

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Start working on Low poly mesh. Retopologing over high poly. The collection is very useful if you want to have a workable file for future baking.

Also, start working on rig. Add opening movement for the tentacle ends. Some rotation options and separate opening of “fingers”. And spike appearance from the center of robo tentacle hand.

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