Phoenix Smith's Sketch Book

Thank you. I think mostly my dislike for humans has been how objectively good or bad you do. Monsters and mechs are a lot more subjective but most people have opinions with anything to do with humans. :stuck_out_tongue: Regardless, I am going to try to improve my organics over the coming months.

Starting work on a speeder bike, I finally remember to record this time as well so a full time-lapse should be coming once completely done:


Everything is liable to major changes because I am concepting as I go. Lot of fun so far and looking forward to putting in more motorcycle like features like the grips and pedals.

Lotzs of modeling:

Detail work, the hand bars still need reworked:

Slapped on some decals, redmodeled the dash and handles and sculpted out the leather chair. Onwards to textures!

I think I recorded something like 12 hours, so I will speed it up and upload all of that for part 1.

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Timelapse of the modeling on the speeder:

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First female head sculpt ever (ears and hair and shoulders to come):

Testing out my brand new Galaxy Book with making this sculpt suck less:

Another female head, messing with hair:

Less freaky looking:

Creature based on a tapir and a giraffe:

Another head:

More head work:

New bust:

I have been out of the house this week, but still managed to get through another bust:

Reworking proportions and some quick sculpted hair:

Back in my comfort zone quickly blocking out a rifle:

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More progress and another bust:

Just about ready to start passing through with low poly and uvs: