What should I work on/add to my portfolio?

I have been using blender for a pretty long time and I am seriously considering going into 3D as my main career. I have about two more years untill I would have to decide to go to art school. In that time and right now what do you think I should improve on and show off in my portfolio? I know that right now it is lacking organic models and am working on my sculpting skills to be able to show something. Be brutal and honest here. What is in need of the most focus on order to be a strong hire/applying student.


Way more of stuff can be viewed here: Phoenix Smith's Sketch Book

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the most important thing if you want to get hired as a 3d artsit, is the detals different styles and ability to creat almost anything,

so you need to have ,humen projects objects like, cars plains guns ect, architecture and buildings
and lastly nature and invironment

but from my view, you can get hired just if you mastered certain things , like humen and organic stuffs, or hard suface modeling .

check artstation,

lots of pro artist are beeing hired by the industry, there,
you can see there portfolio and learn from it

have a look at this book on amazon. It gives assignments to build a portfolio, or for just experience. It’s not a how to book, more like a book of assignments.

Amazon Book creatures and characters

Honestly , that portfolio looks great. :slight_smile:
Just add more stuff. Keep the best ones at the top.
Always find ways to improve speed too. In that type of career , you kind of have to work fast.
Add some variation too.