Phoenix Smith's Sketch Book

(PhoenixSmith) #401

To be fair, the mandala was a tutorial, but also the software is very straight forward and cycles users should feel very comfortable with the idea. I really like it for the flexibility though.

(PhoenixSmith) #402

Some wip stuff:

(Lincoln Deen) #403

Whoa dude! I remember you from discord! That entry won for the entry I suggested m! Awesome work!

(PhoenixSmith) #404

I have unfortunately been making slow progress recently due to school, but now that winter break is here I hope to get back into the swing of things.

(PhoenixSmith) #405

Polishing an older blockout:

(Craig Jones) #406

These look great, except one thing that I can suggest that I do on my own stuff: use a premade model hand and set up basic posing for it, and set that in position to model the grip and trigger around. Makes it more believable, sells the feeling that you could hold and grip it comfortably.

(PhoenixSmith) #407

Thanks Craig. That is a good idea.

(Craig Jones) #408

Looking much better already, I like the lines you have got going on here

(PhoenixSmith) #409

Thanks, really been enjoying box cutter for blocking out shapes.

Messing with more mech concepts:

(PhoenixSmith) #410


(PhoenixSmith) #411

Back and arm work: