pipeMARE [0.3.33]


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Overview - A simple add-on inspired by the 3DS Max script Pipe Dreams, still very early on in the development process, but it does make pipes :cool:


  • Generate a large amount of random pipes
  • Add/Remove Presets
  • Curve bevel object for each generated pipe
  • Generation seed values, for consistent output
  • Respects unit system defined in the properties scene context

Hey it’s look very great ! Thanks for that

how are people supposed to get any work done when you do make cool things like that. :wink:


I agree with Meta – very cool and fun script to play with… I may even get to use it in my job! Thanks so much.

Interesting. Can you modify your addon to create rounded corners with operator?
Anyway, thanks!

just throwing in some ideas:

-optionally changing the profile for custom mesh
-option to make it tileable
-generate uv-s

Such a great idea. btw, nightmare in spanish is pesadilla, how about pipesadilla? :wink:

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Your welcome :slight_smile:

Haha, can’t help you there.

More features to come!

That is the one of the things on the todo list.

These are on the todo list but I am aiming to polish the add-on first, this will be done just before 1.0 with the exception of tileabilty, that is one of the priorities.

I wanted the name to reflect the fact that it was based on pipe dreams (although syntactically quite different), wish you would have caught me before I released the script as that does sound like a cool name.

I did just have someone ask if I could incorporate advanced spline behavior in blender just like another 3DS Max script, perhaps that addon will get the pipesadilla name :stuck_out_tongue:

Working on this addon again, so far I have done a bunch of code cleanup and organization, and I made it so that the pipes could not exist outside of the defined region.

The operator will now also randomly flip several of the bent pipes, this gives a better and more consistent output.

I also went ahead and made sure that each pipe could not intersect with itself.

Working on implementing a bevel percentage now.

Just added cursor support, sometimes I forget this step lol, pipes should now be added at the cursor location as one would expect.

Added a Uniform Placement option, this will place the generated pipes at equal intervals across the overall region depth.

this thing is brilliant.

this would be so awesome… modal.

Thank you!

This can be done :evilgrin:

Thank you!

This can be done :evilgrin:

Thank you masterxeon1001!

This can be done :evilgrin:

Thank you masterxeon1001!

This can be done :evilgrin:

Alright, added the bevel pipe option, and improved the the pipe pathing, we are officially at version 0.2

i wrote up some ideas just goofing off with it. I see a real future using this for the pipes on large spaceships and stuff. So even being able to lattice afterwards would be cool too. And maybe less inner penetration. Im sure theres a default amount of segments and the addition of an edge split modifier that might make them look good for the render as well.

while holding shift and moving mouse (for placement and scaling)
- move left for x scaling
- move up for y scaling
while holding alt and moving mouse (pipe scaling)
- thickness min and max similar to the x and y of size above
roll wheel (pipe amount)
- fewer pipes / more pipes
alt + wheel (scroll)
- seed


  • possible join all pipes into one object
  • custom endcaps and or couplings at random on pipes

I like it, I think I will also be adding a spacebar event, this would invoke a pop-up with further options, with modes such as General, Dimensions, Details, Profiles, Options. I am thinking of something similar to the Namer pop-up I have been working on.

In addition I will be going with a custom subdivision algorithm, this will subdivide the pipes uniformly, which I think will provide the best deformation, After 1.0 I am thinking there would be room for projection and various deformation options, such as bending the pipes along a curve.

Note there will be a bevel resolution option for beveled corners, so far I have decided to create all the pipes point by point for complete control using the poly spline type, this is how the subdivision will work; as it creates the corners the generator will add points along the straight segment when it encounters a subdivision intersection that is based on the region all the pipes occupy, this would ensure the deformation is consistent for all the pipes as compared to one another.

Also I think a bool union option would be great, I can see some nice textures coming from this, that and some tileing options, with pipe exits going left and right, for some awesome pattern generation.