Pixar RenderMan for Blender!

It’s been mentioned in another thread but I thought It should have it’s own thread…

Pixar Just released version 20 of RenderMan.

That means that you can now download, install and use it (well, more like ‘test’ it) with Blender. And of course it’s free for noncommercial use too.

Download Renderman: https://renderman.pixar.com/view/non-commercial-renderman

Yep, There’s an official addon for Blender that you can download and install for use with the now version.

Download the Addon: https://github.com/bsavery/PRMan-for-Blender

The addon features full control of the RIS system, full nodal shading networks and all the great features of RenderMan! If anyone has complained that there was a lack of a good professional rendering engine for Blender, that ends today.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in PRMan 20: https://renderman.pixar.com/view/renderman20

There’s now an intro to RenderMan for Blender here:

Here’s the Blender thread on the Pixar RenderMan forums.
Please post questiosn, comments, bugs and issues here! Otherwise your defeating the purpose of using ‘Alpha’ software:

Now, let’s seem some cool renders!


niiice! :slight_smile: Is this an ufficial support from pixar or some good guy work for the community?

EDIT: just saw, official blender support underway… this is so good to see! :slight_smile:

This is really, really good news. With decent alembic import support and the improvements being made to the asset management system. Blender can start to look like a truly viable production tool.

Hi! The official site says blender support is underway, is the link you provided a wip of the official plugin? What blender features does it support (hair? smoke? particles?)?

If its faster than cycles im sooooo gonna learn it!

Hoooo I just install it and launch a render, but I have this error.

Well this are very good news for blender, I think! As far as i can see the blender plugin it is based on the 3delight/blender plugin by Matt Ebb, but maybe there is a Pixar guy working on it now? I will definitly keep an eye on this

Official plugin for Blender, coolness. Now if only I didn´t have to wait 2 months for my new computer:( Really nice they´re acknowledging Blender in this way, then again Pixar and Blender have history of collaboration since Opensubdiv.

This is great!

I don’t think production render engines are all about speed. IIRC some already bunched marked cycles vs renderman and cycles vs arnold once on simple scenes and found cycles faster. Where the excel is that the can handle really complex scenes. The kind of scenes that most hobbyist while never render.

Personally I haven’t set down and bench marked it but I have a feeling that it will be faster than cycles when rendering motion blur, hair and SSS from playing around and rendering the sample files that come with it. It also has bidirectional path tracing with vertex connection merging so things like interior scenes will be a lot faster.

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It’s working for you guys ?

Yes I managed to render something. Before you can install the plugin you need to have render man installed. Also, if you are using path tracing, make sure to increase the exposure value of lights because the default will not be enough.

what problems are you having?

Great! Thanks Indy_logic for the new ! :slight_smile:

PRMan Exited, that’s all :frowning:

It works fine on Maya by the way.
What is your Blender version ?


It’s a cool news, but I can’t install it: Error: no module ‘prman’ :frowning:

Do you know why ?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: It’s okay, I didn’t install renderman before sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some error as pitiwazou…

It seems it works on Mac but not on PC.

I render a simple cube with a environment in 1:25 xD what ? Usually for the same result it took me 1second in cycles hahah

2.75a… don’t know I did not have that problem, just the trackball error when I was trying to install the plugin before having the engine installed.

I didn’t knew there was an exporter already! :smiley:

I just installed the version 2.0 and was starting to build a scene in maya to test it, but I guess I’ll try it first from Blender. This is great!

Thank’s to the person who did this exporter, it was you @Indy_Logic?