This is the beginning of my plane but i don’t know, something seems to not be looking right. This is only 20 minutes left of work and no detail. I just feel like something is wrong. I looked at some pictures to see a general picture but i still cant seem to find whats wrong. The general shape will be smooth.

I think it is the wings that is the problem. I cant get a good shape with subsurf.


looking at reference is not cheating so… try looking at a reference photo (I assume you’re looking to make an F-18 or something like that kind of jet? ) google it, find the pic, and also map a texture onto the plane.
you could also try (after you’ve gotten a perfect low poly) to gradually increase the detail
oh yeah, since you’re modelling, did you know about the VKey in edit mode (when edges / verticies are selected ? (I just found that one last month! :stuck_out_tongue: )
k, keep blending!

Maybe it needs a cockpit cover? (Whatever it’s called)

I think the wings are too wide and large… also, its uncommon for the leading edge of the wings to be ahead of the cockpit.
Anyway, this is what I think it should look a bit more like:

A canopy… Im sure it’s on the to-do list.

Ya i agree with you guys. Thanks for the info on the “V” key i never heard or used it before. For the cockpit, i just have not gotten to it yet, i want to get most of the model done first. Thanks a lot for the drawing, i can see now what needs to be changed, and what is making it look funky.

No problem. Another thing, make sure the leading and trailing edges of the wings and tail are nice and sharp, like real aircraft that actually have to worry about air resistance (unlike us, which can come in handy at times).

EDIT: Thinking about this for a bit, it looks a lot like the F-5.

Two things you’re missing, are a horizontal tail and engine air intakes.

Ya, i guess that they look similar. My problem with the wings right now is that with subsurf it is difficult to make a straight line. Anyone recommend a way to fix this?

Set the crease value to 1 for edges you want sharp.
( Edit mode: N key for transform window. The bottom number is crease.)

Another option is the Edge Split modifier, or autosmooth.
Just different options for different applications.
Crease should serve your purpose pretty well, tho. (And it’s the easiest to use.)

Edit: I forgot, crease doesn’t work with subsurf. Any way, edge split is pretty easy, once you learn how to use it.

There are a lot of tailless designs. He could have got inspired by one of those.
Example, the Mirage 2000:

But you are correct about the engines’ air intakes.

Thats no plane
this is

Actually i really did not have an objective design of a plane i was aiming for. I just once saw a plane in a video game that looked pretty cool. Unfortunately i only saw it for less then a second but it did catch my eye. The first plane posted was closer too that i was thinking in my head.

I am also learning the anatomy of plane while i am doing this. I never really knew a lot of information about planes. I am guessing that the air intakes are the two holes that are right next to the cockpits and a attached to the engine. I always thought like missiles or something came out of them^^.

That is a nice plane zix. How long did it take you?

I m just a noob like you but I think you shuld first find some blueprints for some type of plane and work by them and make this plane.To find some feling where things should be then disighn your own plane thype from scratch.

I deleted my other plane because i had not good objective and it was not turning out so great. Please crit my new plane. It is suppose to be a f 22 raptor.

The f 22 raptor is a smooth plane, unfortunately every time i use “smooth”, the outsides get all messed up. With ctrl n it still does not work. When i use subsurf it just makes the image look weird.


Learn how to use subdivisions and other basic concepts first, only than try to model something more complex.

Well, i just did not think i was doing a good job on the first one. I thought that trying again with a different picture will be better.

I thought this might give you some inspiration.

Speed Model Airplane

Subdivision Modeling is a great place to learn to model Here is a link

Subdivision Modeling

Here is a great place to find blueprints.

The Blueprints

Thanks for the info Jimtuv. The speed modeling was cool :). I went to the subdivision website but i do not quite understand how the subdivision is put into play, it seems like a normal 3d forum. Ill have to look into the blueprints more, it seems great to use.

If someone could crit the actual physical model of the plane that would be great :). I don’t want to move foward until i get the shape.

In order of who posted what first…

The edgespilt modifier only identifies which faces should be shaded flat and which should be smooth. To get a straight edge, the way I do it is to use edgeloops (Ctrl-R) to sharpen the corners, and have as few edges as possible along the wing.

I see your point. Touché.

While your F-15 model is pretty good, please don’t post comments that aren’t either complimentary or constructive.

Yes they are, and no they don’t shoot missiles. However there are some… fictional designs that come pretty close to doing so. The X-02 Wyvern, for example.

Firstly, you have a long and hard project ahead of you.

Secondly, you’re not the first person to try.

Thirdly, the problems you’re encountering are likely due to either interior faces or double vertices. To get rid of double vertices, just hit the Remove Doubles button in the editing buttons (I think) or in the Specials menu (W key in editmode). Interior faces (think of them as bulkheads dividing up a hollow ship) always cause normal problems and pull subsurfed faces in so it appears that there is a weird indentation. To fix these, first find them, delete them with the face select tool, and finally hit Ctrl-N to recalculate the normals.

Could not agree more.

Had you chosen almost any other plane than the Raptor, this would have been the case, but due to the masses of zigzag edges on the F-22 it becomes insanely hard to model accurately.

Interesting design…

You have the basic shape, now we need to see it subsurfed. Then you can start adding details, and thats thats where the fun begins…

This has to be my longest post ever on BlenderArtists. :spin:

Lol Nitronic. Thanks for the information. The links are great. If i saw those pictures on the f 22 raptor then i would have used them as a background. I am too far to be able to use them now though. So right now i am just going for the general shape of the raptor and not all the details.

I put smooth on my mesh. I reviewed my mesh and realized that their are a lot of mistakes. I fixed some of them up and it was able to keep smooth. There are still many things i need to try fixing. Smooth tend to bring them out more. The nose has a lot of problems. So please crit the physical shape of the plane. Also, the cockpit is going to be difficult because i am not really interested in modeling a whole cockpit but it is looking kind of funny right now.

I have been having some texture problems because i am not sure how to texture it. I have a post on it right now. I added some minor interal blender things just to see how it would turn out. Unfortunately it is not good enough. This is the link.

I am also having some problems with the particles. The physical part is not good but i am also having problems with the way they move. This is the link.


I can’t help with the particles, but for a temporary camo material, you can have the one i used in this WIP if you want. It only uses procedural textures so its easy to change the colours/shades to what you want.