⚠ Planned maintenance: Blender Artists will be unavailable for a few hours

I’m going to perform a major upgrade of Discourse starting at 3PM GMT+1 (Amsterdam) today. This is a risky one which involves a migration to a new database version. The migration alone will take several hours, and plenty of things could go wrong. The forum will be unavailable during the entire process.


May be if you tell us at what time you will be doing the work we will let you do it peace :slight_smile:

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I’ve finished all the preparations and testing on staging, and expect I’ll start the update today at 3PM GMT+1 Today.

Maintenance has started, BA will go offline within 15 minutes.

Update: the migration has finished, but some background updates are still running. Expect the forum to be slow for a while. Please report new issues in #support:blender-artists-website-support

Release notes are available here: Discourse Updated to 2.6.0beta1