A new picture I made inspired by a pic I saw on the net. It’s rendered with HDRI with Yafray.

C&C are very welcomme!

Great work!

My one criticism would be that the plate is very white and it is difficult to see any depth to it. I can’t quite tell if it is perfectly flat or if it has raised edges.

Otherwise I love it. The pitcher on the left is really cool.

pleasant but not enough :slight_smile:

The cup, the glass and the pitcher are very nice and realistic :D.

But the plate is too flat and I do not really like the mod and the material of the knife or the fork.
Not enough reflection and the sleeve is too long for me.

And why to have put all the things on the ground? :wink:

Keep the good work @+

the tiles have a repeating texture

there is no grout between the tiles?

the plate is also very washed out

also, it looks like the glass has a line around the half way mark, instead of that being a level of water [I can’t tell what you intended]

Thanks for the comments so far. First I’ll see what I can do about the plate and I’ll post an update when it’s done.
About the texture: I wondered if any one would notice, but of couse I couldn’t hide it.:expressionless: hehe.
There is something between the tiles; it’s just very dark. I’ll fix that too.
And at last: the glass is empty and has a shape with af cut around the middle. Like this:

 |        |
 |        |
 >        <
 |        |

overall really good, I like everything except the knife and fork :slight_smile:

some how the size of the knife and fork does not go with the plate, also they look plastic


The plate needs work and obvious repeating of the tile texture. Other then that it’s nice work.

Here is a quick examples to help you with the plate:

This is very very good (I really liked), but like everyone I must say: work on the plate, the fork and the knife.

I’m with Lilo. The picture is utterly convincing except for the fork. The three utensils don’t quite ring true. I don’t have a beef with anything else.

As a serious coffee drinker…

The coffee cup looks like an expresso cup, but you’ve got a caffetierre there (thats the jug thing for those who dont know), so isn’t appropriate for the scene. Enlarge the cup to about 5-8 times the volume.

The plunger on the caffetierre… though yours may be meant to be hidden by the liquid, is made up of three pieces.

1 - a metal base with big holes in - this is to hold the pieces together, the rod screws on to this (through a hole in the other pieces).
2 - a second layer of metal with smaller holes and a spring that surrounds the edge - this is deformed by the sides of the jug, basically it stops the plunger from scratching up and down the inside too much.
3 - a thin mesh - this goes between the two bits of metal, and does the filtering of coffee grounds

The important part if its hidden by the liquid is the spring… because it presses up against the side, it will be visible even inside the liquid.

Other than my coffee related quibbles…

The scene is slightly too clean - the caffetierre is empty or almost empty, implying that the cup has been used, but it doesn’t look dirty.

Much better than I can do at the moment though :wink: Keep up the good work.

I haven’t had much time on the latest, bet here is - at last - a small update:

I like that ‘teapot’ thing the most… the fork is a little of though…
One tip is to just mroe focus on the best objects in the scene… like this teapot thing… I like the picture…


Every thing looks real now…

except after a while I noticed the plate is really big… Maybe you are planning to put a whole turkey on it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job. I’d say (like others) that the edge of the plate needs a bit of tapering. Other than that, to me, it’s near photo real (the fork is a bit unusual, but hey…: let’s say it’s an Italian design :wink: )


first off love the pic - i have the exact same coffe press at home and it makes great java…what was i saying again!?..oh right:

i hear so much about HDRI (i assume it measn hi-def rendered image!?) and i just wanted to know do i have to render these images first or is there a place i can download them? Thanks! and keep up the good work! :wink:

The coffee percolator is just about perfect.

The rest is VERY nice, but the proportions still seem somewhat off. Maybe it’s just the settings of the camera. The coffee cup looks like it’s really little.

But overall, very good.

High Dynamic Range Image(ry).

From what I gather not only do HDRI background images contain RGB(A?) (They’re higher bit level than that I think) but they also contain the amount of light that a single pixel emits. I know for certain the former (acronym) is correct, not sure about what it means.

Once again: thanks for the comments.

As already said HDRI is High Dynamic Range Image. It’s from this picture the lightning of my sceen is calculated. I have some links to free pics here:
Also see the HDRI shop:
And of couse GOOGLE! You can probably find many more there.

When you are going too use a HDRI make a texture with it and ad it too your world with the angmap projection. Happy blending!

Just as a note: Blender does not use HDRI. Only Yafray supports it. Ambulence Collision (:P) can use a sky texture for the color of the lighting, but not the intensity so far as I know. And then there is the issue that Blender only supports 8 bit per channel images.

I like the modeling of the cafet…thinger. The knife, fork, and plate however, do not show the same amount of effort. Give the plate a texture of some kind, or at least more detailed modeling. Right now its just a big white circle and since it attracts so much focus it detracts from the rest of the scene.