PLaying god.

(Nayman) #1

hey, Amidst all this discussion i figure di would start one new one.

We are all 3d artists here. Or at least we try :stuck_out_tongue:

We create entire worlds. Breath life into characters, and command their fate.

Don’t you think we are playing perverbial god?

(or, we can let a cube sit and evolve into a Sphere) (there both… Primitive… ho ho ho)

Anyhoo, be it religion or evolution or the microprocessor, is 3d graphics sacralige?

(digitalSlav) #2

only if you give your characters tattoos and piercings and make them have sex outside of their digital marriage…

or the usual beastiality that comes from poser so often haha.

“i wanna live, i wanna love, it’s a long hard road out of hell!”

not even 3d churches are sacred?!?!

(acasto) #3

I was thinking earlier, about religion and God. In the Bible, it says that man was created in his image. This would explain our love to create and rule the world around us. But what if it is also plays a part in phsycological denial of God. I was talking earlier about how we all have a need for myster and intrigue, or else our world would be boring and bland.

This is a big WHAT IF, but just what if, part of humanities denial of God or a creator, has something to do with what we think of ourselves? We always think of God as being an all inclusive omnipresent being, but how would it affect our emotional state of relative stability if he wasn’t, what if he was like one of us. I’m not saying he isn’t as powerful as we believer believe, I’m just thinkining about the pesemistic side that lies in every single one of us.

I think this could all come back to the mystery and potential that lies in each and every person. We are capable of so much, but in the end, it is up to us to decide where we go with this civilization. Whether we are going to stay here and fight and kill, or advance and explore, push our potential to it’s max and see what we can achieve.

(dreamsgate) #4

Wouldn’t it be a kicker if God had the same faults and such as us? The Greeks might have had the right idea, their version of the Gods held that they had awesome powers but were just as prone to screwing up as mere mortals.

That would go a long way to explaining giraffes and platapus.

(sten) #5

aahh…boring…here we go again,
yet with another never ending infinite post
…don’t you have nothing better to discuss than all this crap ?

(acasto) #6

Ztonzy, issues such as these have been around for thousands of years, they have dictacted wars, and been the basis of millions of peoples lives. In topics such as these, the mysteries that make us who we are, and may even hold the reasons to why were here, exsits. I think that a subject such as this is far from just being crap.

The topic of “Playing God” has long reaching implications, from merely creating 3D image to cloning and genetic engineering, which will probably affect us all one day. To create is something that everyone has a desire for, whether you create a cake for a birthday or a bomb for a war, it is part of us. By striving to understand a topic such as this, you are striving to better understand your self.

(bogbean) #7

We know a song about that, don’t we children…

What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us?
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make his way home.

(Green) #8

nobody calling on the phone?

(macke) #9

Exactly the reason why its so worn out and boring, its the same neverending stream of people who like being philosophical and try to come with clever answers to everything. Besserwissers we tend to call them.

God is a concept to keep people in control. That’s how I see it.
You get people asking what came first, the chicken or the egg – just answer that an imaginary creature in the sky waved his hand.
You get people asking lots of questions and an easy answer is to blaim/praise an imaginary creature in the sky waving his hand.

Interesting though that everytime a religious person exercising som kind of sport wins, he praises god, or such – “I owe all this to my main man Jesus”. But you never hear: “Jesus made me drop the ball”, or, “God broke my leg so I couldn’t score”. How come?

Ultimatly, you got lots of people with different answers to everything, wether it be god, the moon or chocolate chip cookies. Of course, everyone has the right to have their own set of answers, just as I’m entitled to mine. But its not understanding and respecting others answers (or questions for that matter) that leads us to wars and disputes. And from my point of view, religious people are the ones having the biggest problems understanding/respecting others views. I say again, from my point of view.

I bet I’ll cause a bunch of people come blaming me for being wrong and what not. Hey, please do, but I’m no more wrong than you are.

On a sidenote: I think questions are more fun than answers, as answers are definitive, whilst questions are not. I’d much rather be pondering if big bang could have happened than accepting that an imaginary creature in the sky waved his hand for instance.

(Guy) #10

Wow! I just love it when Macke whips out simple truth and logic! :wink: The man is onto something…

And regarding Macke’s sidenote… I’ll agree wholeheartedly… It reminds me of a statement the late great Gene Roddenberry once told a narrow-minded colleague… “There are things I know to be fact, there are things i know not be to fact… but in between there is a vast range of things I wonder about… and that is what makes life worth living.”

(Dittohead) #11

sick…just sick

(Dittohead) #12

Guy, macke, do you guys regard anyone who believes in a higher power as a lower lifeform? Why does this not surprise me.

(macke) #13

No, I don’t think anyone is a higher or lower form of life. Either you’re alive, or not. That’s the two states I figure living beings can be in. Not higher or lower.

What does not surprise you?
The fact that I stated my point of view on the matter and as you apparently disagree, you think I’m nuts? Or, that’s how I percieve the situation at least.

(Dittohead) #14

I was to quick to state that it didn’t surprise me that you would consider me ‘lesser’. Because there are people who do.

(Nayman) #15

anyhoo, io can see this was a bad idea… IAm rwefering to the new movie coming out, simone.

It has some interesting points.

What happens when cg becomes to real…

Truth will no longer exist. I can have a video tape of george bush planting a bomb at the white house. No one will know it is fake.

Video evidence will no longer count for anything.

(beatabix) #16

hej macke,

Besserwissers we tend to call them.

that’s what my ex used to call me, but i had much worse names for her :smiley:
such are the joys of multicultural relationships.
still, i haven’t yet found a nation with nicer women than good old sverige.
god bless scandinavia :wink:


(macke) #17

Unless the standards change to keep the integrity of the shot material. Such as the original material having bits that are encrypted, and if those are broken, the material is considered ‘altered’.

(macke) #18

I’ll drink to that! Cheers!

(theeth) #19

uhmm… I thought that video/photo evidence couldn’t be accepted as the only proof. Am I wrong?


(macke) #20

No, your perfectly correct! At least according to swedish jurisdiction. I suppose it’s like that pretty much anywhere.