Please tell me Mantaflow is a bad joke

I was just testing out the new smoke simulation and wondered why there is no smoke emitting.
A quick search brought up that I HAVE TO BAKE THE SIMULATION EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! WHAT!!!
I have to guess the settings, bake, discard, guess again, bake again, discard again, guesss again, bake again, discard again…WHAT!!!
With 2.8 Blender made such a big leap towards an artists friendly tool, so the devs are like “Blender is turning out way to good, we have to make it suck again” WHAT!!!

Can we have a petition to either rework mantaflow or getting rid of completly. I want my old smoke simulation back.
You gotta be kidding me/us, right? Please just someone come up and tell me that I’m just horribly missunderstanding something, this is just a big missunderstanding and everthing will be just fine in the next version or so…maybe it’s just an unfinished development version. Please.


I think there is no need for outraged mode.
You have multiple “Type” caches. It just happens that Replay type is not by default.

Mantaflow is something new. There are going to be many improvements over time.


Oh look at that, realtime smoke simulation in the exact fashion blender used to have with just two clicks.

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Ok, first I was a little sorry because I indeed didn’t see that Replay type but now that I’ve tried it, it kind of gets worse.
Now the simulation just becomes totally unpredictable.
It plays a simulation from frame 1 - 46 then it resets midway and starts a new simulation from frame 47 on which looks completely different the the frames before. Then I go back to the start and now the simulation from 1 - 46 is a completly different one. I only got out of this by changing back to Modular do a complete bake, free data, switch back to Replay and now I get a new simulation.
And why is it that Modular and Replay give different results. Isn’t it just a cache that should have no influence on the simulation?

Welcome to a different way.

Based on what I am groking, this is the ‘professional’ way: control over your minutiae. You ought to take some time to play with the system by assigning some hotkeys or to the favorites menu. It’s like 5 baking opportunitities you can put on a hotkey.
Even the Flip fluids will go this way. I have to say, at first I thought like you. Then, testing, nah.
I like the new way. Convoluted but a bit more informative quicker. The beauty bakes take almost no time.

Ah, ok sorry, I didn’t know that this is the professional way. That’s maybe the reason why such wannabe fx softwares and hipster 3D startups like Houdini have a completely different approach. They’re probably not long enough in it be professional. Maybe in the far future they will make their up to be a respectable 3D and fx software but until then I will tell everyone that Blenders / Mantaflows approach of either blindly dailing in the settings or having an unpredictable result depending on the cache is the professional way. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Sarcasm aside, I think the more you make folks aware, the better off we all may be.

The problem with Blender is that there’s always something new, some feature’s always super promising yet not finished and then unfortunately remains in that state like forever until it’s replaced by the next super-promising thing.
I’d rather see no new features for two years and have the team focus on improving what they actually have.


Unfortunatelly I can like your comment only once. And if it wasn’t against the forum rules I would even mark it as solution because that would actually be the real solution.

…I am at a stage, where I have to wait for thunder and lightning to evolve in the skies before I can connect 2.8 to the lightning rod… eventually getting it to work, followed by an : “it’s alive!” …yes, I am a Blasphemer…
2.79 is king!

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I agree with you, still using 2.79, I did not even bother downloading 2.8 yet, just don’t like the way it looks.

I guess horses for courses.


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Don’t get me wrong I am not hating on 2.8 generally, overall I am super impressed how far Blender has come and especially the 2.8 update was a major attractor because they FINALLY (after years of grief and heated forum discussions) managed to ease the UX and make Blender less of a burden. But why oh why do they have to focus so heavily on unnecessary blockbuster features which occasionally result in such quirks like mantaflow.

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