Point light lamp projected shadows?

I’m developing a terror game and i really like the feels that point light lamp gives, however i really miss the projected shadows, which spot light gives.

There is any way to make Point do project shadows? Even without projected shadows i find it way better than spotlight for scenario illumination


i agree spotlight is better, but just turn a spot into a lamp by setting it to 180 degrees and put it on square, for square rooms its better as well no light bleeding through the walls.

or bake the shadows, and use a lamp for the light effect.

If the shadows don’t need to be created in realtime, aka: no moving objects cast shadows on other objects, the best way will be to bake the shadows.
If you need realtime shadows (which i wouldn’t advise, because performance will be bad!) You can create to spotlamps with shadows, facing in the opposite direction and make their radius very big.
Try to bake as many shadows as possible.

You can fake it to a limited extent:

That’s done by using a point light, and then a spot light with shadow-only enabled to do the shadow. You can read more about it here:

Omg sdfgeoff, that’s perfect! Thanks a lot!

Cg Sky, unfortunately i can’t bake the shadows because it’s a terror game, where my character will use a lantern. I will have to deal with performance in some creative way

Thanks for the square spot light advice cotax, will be useful since mostly parts of the game are square rooms