Pokemon: Battlegrounds [Development Video]

(vresikon) #1

Genre: RPG action adventure

Plot line: War is brewing in the Kanto Region. Wild Pokemon have become increasingly aggressive, and there have been many reports of mass maulings. As the land becomes increasingly dangerous, fingers are pointed, and the cities begin rallying around their Gyms, each determined to destroy the others and re-establish order. The player must embark on the familiar journey across Kanto to prevent an all-out war, and determine the cause of the strange behavior.

Gameplay: Most features will be directly based on the classic game boy releases. By battling and defeating opponents, the player raises his/her Pokemon to a sufficient level to take on tougher enemies. The main differences, however, will arise from the battle scenes. As opposed to the traditional turn based method, Battlegrounds will feature a more dynamic battle. The player controls his/her Pokemon, who auto-locks onto an enemy. The controls shall be similar to the following:
-Shift: pull up switch Pokemon screen
-WASD: movement
-Space: Jump
-WASD + Space: Dodge incoming attack
-Arrow keys: various moves; behavior depends on move, available moves dependant on Pokemon selected, as well as level and players choices.
-Enter: Bring up Items menu, etc
The action will be in real time, and the various moves will retain as much of their original effects and mechanics, but be adjusted in order to make sense in this more dynamic setting.

Another key feature of this mode will be Pokemon ‘mobbings.’ In wild encounters, it will not be uncommon for there to be many enemies within a single encounter. The number of enemies will be dependent on the type of Pokemon making up the mob, as well as the area of encounter. Various moves will be more suited to dealing with mobs, while others will be more effective when used in duels.

Graphics detail: We will endeavor to create beautiful visuals, with an art style similar to Skyward Sword. The painted appearance suits the cartoonish nature of the game, while the level of realism appeals to the more serious storyline and dynamic gameplay.

Pokemon to be included: At this point it’s hard to tell. I’d love to include a few Kanto Pokemon, and possibly even some ruby/sapphire version. However, due to time restraints, I am currently setting the bar AT MINIMUM at the original 151. An additional, original ‘bonus’ Pokemon created by the team may or may not be included. Later on, depending on community cooperation, we may include more Pokemon, and more areas.

Gym Leaders: Many of the original red/blue/yellow leaders will be featured, but as older versions of themselves. Some, like Lieutenant Surge, or Sabrina may be replaced due to their already older age.

Alright, so now that I’ve got a framework laid out, Here’s a list of the team positions I’m looking for, including the positions I’ll help fill.

~ skill [looking for#]: ‘description’

~Programmer [1-2]: I’m fairly decent in Python, so I imagine I’ll do most of the scripting. However, I would love to work with another programmer, in order to check each others work and maximize efficiency in the coding.

~Modelling[3-5]: Not that it’s going to be that hard, but there’s at least 151 of the pokemon alone, not to mention characters and props. I could really use assistance here.

~Rigging/Animation[1-2]: There’s going to be tons of rigging and animating to do (151, remember?) These teammates will mainly focus on animation, rigging only if the modellers don’t know how. I don’t want too many animators, however, because I’d like to retain a fitting movement style for all of the pokemon, rather than having 6-7 different animation styles.

~Texturing[2-3]: I need help in this department, it’s one of my weakest areas. Since we’re going for a painted texture style, I’d like these guys to be able to produce appealing work, rather than high detail. Artistic spirit is more important than ability or detail here. Once again, I’d like to keep the number of texturers down in order to preserve unity of style.

~Level design[1-2]: Not too hard of a job, beings as the map and locations are already designed for the most part. Converting the 2d/tile format into a believable 3d landscape might be a bit difficult.

~Special effects[1-2]: I’m not sure how to do this part. We might use EasyEmit, or SSB style 2d alpha planes. This will largely depend on who volunteers for the job, and what they can do. Either way, if you want to do this, go crazy! There’s lots of neat-o effects to do here. If I wind up doing it, it’ll likely be 2d alpha planes.

I think that’s it for now. If I missed anything, we’ll change the post here.

Any work completed must be approved by all members of the team, and finally be reviewed by the member with the most Game-dev experience (which will probably not be me) These measures will be taken in order to retain unity across the entire product, which will be released open-source. As a team, the deadline will be set once work begins in earnest. Formats for the various image, sound, and mesh objects will also be decided upon by the team soon.

A final note:
I recognize that at least one similar attempt was made in BA’s history, so if anyone has any resources they want to contribute, the head-start would be VASTLY appreciated. Please, however, do not provide anyone else’s work without their permission.

Pokemon is, of course, copyrighted by a multitude of other companies, none of which I own. So think of this as a type of Fan-art. We’re doing this for the adventure, for our love of the world of Pokemon, and as a tribute to their awesome creators. I really look forward to working on this with you guys.

If anyone has any questions, or wishes to join or contribute, please let me know. If enough interest has been generated, a dev-log forum will be started off-site once work begins. Thanks guys!

Latest Developement:
Overworld programming is in progress, here’s a video.

-Camera Tracking Logic
-Camera Controls
-Movement & Placeholder Animations (And model AND rig, for that matter.) :stuck_out_tongue:
-Ladder Interaction

(LazDude17) #2

Pm some specifics about the modeling :wink:

(3DPicasso) #3

if this game were to be come alive, that would be great! Unfortunately, i think it won’t. But still, i wish you good luck on your game.
I am also a pokemon fan, just to let you know, so it’s good to hear some diferent ideas related to Pokemon.

(vresikon) #4

@LazDude: What do you mean by ‘specifics?’:confused: Did you mean specifications to be followed? or did you mean specific things to be modeled?

@3DPicasso: I must admit I’m sad about your vote of no confidence, (you looked at my track record, didn’t you? :p) But I totally understand where you’re coming from about that. It’s a difficult, ambitious goal, with little in the way of concrete reward. (not to mention that 99/100 projects here never come to fruition.) Nonetheless, I am encouraged by your enthusiasm for the idea itself and your well wishes. Thanks for the boost! :smiley:

(LazDude17) #5

both really.

(vresikon) #6

Status Update:

LazDude’s been busy modelling, we’ve got several badges and Hi and Lo poly versions of a standard Pokeball and a grass-like plant. Well done! With his permission, I’ll put some pics of those up soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the Overworld Engine, building a module based movement system directly geared to the features I’d like to see in-game. That sounds a lot more complicated than it really is, ATM, it’s a pretty simple system. Movement on an incline needs improvement, and the speed of the character and camera need to be more finely tuned.

I’ve also found the time to do a teensy bit of concept art, specifically of one of the three character choices. First time using Gimp, it’s just a quick sketch-up, but I’m impressed! This would have been exceedingly difficult for me in Paint.net. To think I’ve been using it for so long! Facepalm

Needless to say, I LOVE the Gimp now. In my haste, I know I’ve neglected such things as “Anatomy” :confused: but I’ll get better at this part as I go. CG painting has never been a strong suit of mine. But I digress… In regards to the Character depicted, his name is “Ace”, the eldest of three siblings. His starter is Squirtle. Further Character development pending, he is a thoughtful, careful character. His main approach to a confrontation is to thoroughly study his enemy before making any significant plans. He only attacks in full once he has analyzed his opponents strengths, weaknesses, and strategies, and when he does, he does it with terrifying accuracy.

That’s all folks! If anyone wants to team up and lend a hand, we’d love the extra brain or two. Also, critiques and advice are 100% welcome and desired. Hopefully we’ll soon have more to show; pure programming and default cubes don’t garner much interest. :stuck_out_tongue: Later!

(doublebishop) #7

I have a feeling for 151 characters… you will need more then 2 animators to get through the sheer amount of cycles… im guessing you will need idle’s / fight idles / fight moves / running / dodging / taking hits for all of them.

Anyway if you are in need of a pure animator (not rigger) let me know… i would be willing to help out in my spare time!

(SolarLune) #8

Hey. I just want to throw a quick idea out there - you may not need to make 151 animations of each kind (idle, run, walk, dodge, etc), as many Pokemon share characteristics. For example, while Gyrados is a unique Pokemon, Charmander and Squirtle might be able to share animations if their armatures are the same / similar. Same thing with ‘no-limb’ Pokemon like Voltorb, Electrode and Cloister.

EDIT: At least, they could share animations until you get around to defining unique ones (i.e. Cloister shouldn’t hop around like Voltorb, though it might if it’s on land). I haven’t played Pokemon in a long time, though, so I’m just going off of memory. Anyway, the game idea sounds solid. It’s something that I also thought should exist by now (a real-time Pokemon-esque battle game).

(X3DModels) #9

hm I like MyPaint more than paint.net =) Then you need just a small and cheap wacom graphics tablet =)

Would be cool if this project will become alive, still playing the blue edition on an old gameboy color xD

(vresikon) #10

@Doublebishop: It’s true there’s a lot to animate. I’m mostly guessing at the amount of people that we’ll need to complete the project. ATM we don’t have anything to animate yet, but if you’re still willing when we do (shouldn’t be TOO incredibly long) then we’d love to take you on! No problem about no rigging, I can handle that too if need be.

@Solarlune: I’ve been thinking similar things, Many Pokemon as well as many attacks should be able to share animations, so if we set it up right, it should cut down the workload by a lot. Thanks for the advice and support! I had the idea ages ago, but wanted to wait until I gained appropriate programming skill. I’m still no master, but I believe I know enough to get it done.

@X3D: Yeah, but I’ve got no tablet and no money. :stuck_out_tongue: So the Gimp works for now. BTW, I’ve been playing Yellow Edition as of late. ^^ Those games never age.

(X3DModels) #11

There are wacom tablets starting around 30 euros and 80 euros (bamboo)

(vresikon) #12

Yeah, but I’m saving up money for a Mission… and I work at Subway. :confused: I’ll get one eventually; just not for ~2+ years.

(LazDude17) #13

No problem man, put the pics up. See if i can get some critiques back and hopefully more tips than hate :wink:

(vresikon) #14

Okay, here they are then:



Like I said in the PM, I’m diggin’ the art style. Nice rich colors. BTW, have you tried to send me the Badge pics lately? I haven’t gotten 'em. Also, as you can see, I’ve been working on one of the characters. Could you also send me the Pokeball blend? It’d be nice to have that in a render, plus I can get it hinged and rigged. Last thing: What do you think of Ace? I’ve already started converting him to a mesh, so if you have any input, now would be a good time. :smiley:

(LazDude17) #15

I think its good, that’s some freakin’ good art for first time on gimp, its not my first time on gimp and i cant do that hahaha. It’d be cool to do the eye colors to match the element. He has blue eyes and a water pokemon, the others could have green and ambery eyes. I decided to remake the badges to see if i could do one better I’ll try to have the pics to you today.

(SolarLune) #16

The plant is nice, but the low-poly Pokeball is closer to the source shape of the ‘real thing’. Both are pretty well modeled and textured. Nice.

(LazDude17) #17

Thanks, the Hi-Poly is 400 faces so I’m assuming he wants them for close-ups

(vresikon) #18

Okay! I’ve completed the model for Ace! Here he is:

He is not textured or rigged ATM, that should follow pretty soon. He is 26533 face; is that too much?

(PlanetKiller) #19

I wold try not to go over 2000 faces for game characters, unless you are the only one playing the game (some people have crap PCs). Make the textures work for you, or use the model for normal map generation. Don’t rely on graphics to “sell” a game; look at MINECRAFT and focus on gameplay. Also low-poly is useful if you want a lot of characters on-screen.

(LazDude17) #20

I don’t know changes I just started using the GE. I was just suggesting