[POLL] Who is actually using 2.8?


First, the title of my topic was :
Coding a new addon : is it worth the effort to make a 2.79 version ?

I have a big Work In Progress on coding some cool addons for Blender.
I started coding it for 2.79. But as every body seems to be speaking about 2.8, I’m currently making them available for 2.8, and that’s why I’m currently asking myself : Is it worth continuing coding the 2.79 part ?

In fact it’s hard to evaluate how many people are actually using 2.8 already ?
So i thought a poll would be quite usefull : Who is actually using 2.8 ?

  • I use only 2.79
  • I use only 2.8
  • I use both (more 2.79)
  • I use both (more 2.8)

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Also, for those who have not fully switched to 2.8, I would be interested in knowing why ?

  • Because it’s unstable
  • Because it’s not finished (and I need 2.79 features not yet available in 2.8, like in Python API, etc)
  • Other (I will precise in comments)

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Thank’s for your votes !
And in addition of the votes, I would be interested in the reponse of my question about how worth it is to continue coding addons for 2.79

See you :slight_smile: ++


For me the main reason I’m not ready to switch yet (aside from stability, as I wouldn’t use beta software for work), is a few addons I rely on aren’t yet ported over. As soon as that happens, I will do a test project with 2.8 and if everything goes alright I’ll switch!

Having said that, I personally wouldn’t bother with 2.79 for addons, unless it’s only a small effort on your part.

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I only use 2.80, but I’ll use 2.79 for big ifc files for immediate save - any navigation will completely crash my pc :slight_smile: While in 2.80 I can walk around in Workbench mode no problems at all.

Thanks to both of you for your comments :slight_smile:

That’s why I’m thinking too, it will depend on the amount of effort necessary :stuck_out_tongue:

What addons are those? Maybe there are alternatives or another solution.

I mostly use 2.8 for my projects. Just once and while I need a specific tool that weren’t updated to 2.8 version or if I work with someone else that don’t work with 2.8.

waiting for 2.81 or 2.82. I always figured that 2.80 would end up a (somewhat) stable beta release and not a completed refactor.

I will just say this. Even though I answered only using 2.79 ATM, I would not see the point in continuing to develop for it. Soon enough 2.79 will be long gone history. I don’t think your efforts will be much rewarded in the long run. As soon as I determine it is stable and full featured, I will switch over. And not likely look back, save for some legacy scenes I might need to open with old plugins.


I’ve started using 2.8 in January for private projects, been using it commercially since April. I do backups of both my project files and my Blender installation every time I switch to a new build, there was at least one occasion when it was unusable due to new bugs.

Soon it will be a whole year of blendering after switching over from 3dsMax. It has been a pleasure and lots of fun. Today’s Blender 2.8 beta feels more stable than Max has ever been IMHO.


A reason to use 2.8?

One word, EVEE!

it really helped me a lot when changing textures and such in a mesh (my pc is a toaster, so cycles rendering takes thousands of years in 3d view)

Although i still use the 2.79 for a “safer” blending, just sometimes when its required ^^


Interesting topic, I’ll pin it for a few days.


Hello there,
Thanks again, all of you, for all the votes !

Interesting. I’ve read some discussion about developper of Blender themselves, speaking about cropping the final release, to get “faster” the 2.8, and finish it in the next “2.81” release… Just in order not to let the beta last for years ^^

Ok :slight_smile:

No way ahahah :joy: I’ve never used Max, but it killed me ahahah :grin:

Wow ! Thank’s :grin:

See you :slight_smile: ++

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I was using 2.8 since december, handling the add-ons was a pain due to the constant frenetic API change


Using 2.8 whenever possible (90% of the time I’d say), only using 2.79 for retopoflow, bpainter and some smaller addon’s, surfacefollow, etc. .

I’m a newbie since March 2019 in 3D . So I’m only using 2.8. Never try 2.79 and dislike 2.79 UI, totally looks like Modo and ugly . New blender user likes 2.8 UI that is why download number increased.

2.8 ver is blender development turning point. Never back to 2.79.

Next big things is Everything nodes, and add-on ecosystem.

Both of them.
Still using 2.79 for modelling, rigging & animation, but 2.8b seems to be a lot faster concerning large scene management, so I started to use it for scene building and rendering, however all the animated characters are just imported as alembic caches.
Interestingly enough, being really thrilled by the prospect for quite a while I found Eevee to be somewhat disappointing when I finally tried it: much slower than expected when rendering animations, and even worse, it bogs down my workstation while rendering due to eating up all the GPU power while leaving a bunch of CPU cores idle. Also, as I was working on large open world scenes most of the time, those issues with shadow maps and all the fine tuning it requires to get both nice, crisp closeup shadows while still having distant shadows didn’t exactly win me over, so it is Cycles again for me.

Apart from that the biggest issue keeping me back is that I have a lot of rigged characters I’m using here. As long as I’m not completely convinced about 2.8’s stability I won’t start to apply enhancements and fixes to those asset as it would break compatibility and prevent me from going back in case there’s a regression in Blender.

Also, the 2.8 UI can get tediously slow even if everything inside the 3D view is running like a breeze …

concerning the poll, I’d have checked both “unstable” and “unfinished”, biased towards the latter.

The older ones are used mostly for exporters that they have.
And 2.8 I use heavily for texturing.

I only use 2.8. i have been following 2.79 tutorials with 2.8,as well as using 2.8 add-ons.
i do this as things in 2.8 are different than 2.79. a lot of them subtle,and not so subtle.
which presents themselves as i go.

2.8, because that’s where it is heading. It’s a bit of a mess right now, but it works for the most part. I’l follow Blender anywhere