Pond in the forest

This is a project I’ve been working on with the intention of printing it as a Christmas gift. As with all my Blender projects, I’ve learned a whole bunch, mostly of what not to do.
Here’s the current version after compositing:

For the rocks I used Blender’s included rock generator.
Trees are from Sapling and Modular Tree.
All other vegetation is from Graswald.
The background mountain I made with the help of Gaea, and it has its own post : Small mountain with clouds
Lighting is Sky Texture and procedurally generated clouds.

I was really hoping to bring out the ‘god rays’ in the air, cast by the sunlight through the trees offscreen to the right. The leaf textures are giving me no end of troubles when trying to make this happen in the compositor. I’ve opted for a fairly bright scene to hide the fact that the edges of all the back-lit leaves are rimmed in white. Blowing out the background entirely effectively hides them, but then there is just a gaping white hole in the scene with nothing in the distance.

Here’s the raw render before compositing:

I’ll spend some time compositing it without the focus of accentuating the sunlight rays, and hopefully come up with something better.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you, Bart!

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