Popup Update


I’m trying to make a little addon to show options depending on the selection with popups.

My issue is that the popup doens’t update after changing some options.

The popup is called with invoke_props_dialog to refresh

There is an example.


How force Blender to make a refresh ?

Thx for your help :wink:

Found !

Just have to add

def check(self, context):
    return True


Nice one, a modal popup, where do you add check(…) ?

Please can you give us a code snippet, I thought it was impossible to redraw a popup dialog !


You add the check before the popup.


Incredible, I just try it with one of my code with “static” popup and it works great, where do you find this information !? i’ve spent lot of time to find a hack like this

Thank you !

A friend on blenderlounge gives me that code ^^

So simple !

ok c’est décidé je file m’inscrire sur blenderlounge !

Si t’es français en plus !! ^^

pitiwazou, please dont say this will going to be paid addon please pleaseeeee

My popup ?

Nope it’s just a test ^^

And I have only one addon on the market, all my other addons are free ^^

The goal of this script is to have usefull settings on the fly, with simple settings first and other settings if we want.


few months back in IRC channel i asked devs to make something like this … but they said aah not possible , but i can see that its almost near , it will be very handy and helpful to many ,

waiting for it

My idea is for the rendering, having acces to the camera settings, render resolution, Light settings etc, but not to make a separate window of the property view.

yes and its very helpful when shall we have it :slight_smile: haha

Ditto… the number of hacks I tried to make a modal dialog and failed, ended up moving so much code back to panels. Never in a zillion yrs would have thought of using a check method…

@pitwazou, Huge thanks from me too.

awesome work, congrats, you could submit something like this to blender addons.


as-tu un example simple pour tester ?

happy cl

Tu peux tester sur mon script.

C’est loin d’être fini !

Shift + Double LMB

tryed ur script but for me it still doesnt work, popup doesnt’t refresh,
anyone have any idea what might be wrong?


solved kinda.
it seems it doesn’t work in 2.77 rc, but works in 2.76

wazou, its fun … awesome little script love it ,