Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Following along with Johathan Williamson’s porsche tutorial on cgcookie, I’ve sourced my own blueprints and reference images, so along with my own little bit of artistic license and the images I happen to be working from, this should end up a unique artwork in its own right. Even though I’ve been a long term Blender user I have never taken the time to learn about topology, so this is my first effort at doing something that is both complex and hopefully demonstrates at least a beginner level of good topology. I recommend everyone new to 3D learn about topology alongside subsurf modelling.

There’s some slight topo creases here and there, and more detail to add. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to a basic interior too so that the glass doesn’t need to be opaque or unrealistically reflective. In the end I want to create my own HDRI light probe along with a hi-res location reference image to create a nice composite.

We’ll see how it goes but here’s the clay:

A bit more work, beginning to take shape.

Good start … I particulary like the podium …

I got the tyres and wheels modelled. Because of the strange spoke pattern I opted to just duplicate topo rather than try and use an array. I need to do something with the wheels because I can’t actually render all 4, cycles just crashes, so I removed one of the wheels not in view.

See further down.

Ok, a quick update, not much visibly changed, but there is a lot of topology changes to get it to some kind of sane workable point. Also changed the HDR background to get sharper highlights. (and can’t actually delete old images here…)

Quick update, not much visibly changed, but there is a lot of topology changes to get it to some kind of sane workable point. Also changed the HDR background to get sharper highlights.

looks great! but you should work on the area around doors…these reflections are too much refracted :wink:

Thanks for the comment. I looked around with matcap and things around the door don’t look so bad. I think the HDRI makes things a bit chaotic - I’ve since rotated the HDRI around slightly to spread the lighting. Still, I’m making a lot of near-microscopic tweaks to get things lined up. At the end of the day, this won’t be a model meant to be looked at under a magnifying glass, I just hope to make it look nice from a few paces :). (i.e., it won’t be like some other awesome models where things open up to show inside detail but I still want it to look nice for the framing).

Good job. I am working on same tutorial and I would say that you model seams quite better :slight_smile:

Thanks elohim :). Some more updates, a ways to go…

Very very good work!
What have you used for the headlights (material/texture)?
Is this orange your final choice? For me it’s a little too brilliant…

Thanks andrea.ailic, the headlights are geometry - i.e, a flat bit of glass on the front with all the reflecty bits modeled inside the headlight chamber. As for the orange, I’m still of two minds. If I use straight mesh lights or similar the paintwork gets very light in colour - the HDRI I’m using tends to bring out the darker orange. I think it’ll make more sense placed in a real HDRI environment rather than using HDRI lighting with non-matching surroundings. Hopefully I’ll be able to produce my own HDRI scene. I did a bit of a perspective render in the meantime:


I agree with you

How did you make the lines around the door and the bonnet etc.

I don’t know about him, but I usually select the verts where I want the cut to be, “V” move them over a bit, then select both sides of the cut and extrude inward.

Yeah, that’s the way if you’re modelling all the panels at once, otherwise if you go panel by panel you select a panel edge, shift-d to duplicate, move the new vertices across to open the gap, then start extruding out the new panel. Then extrude the edges inward to give that nice folded effect.

You definitely need to change studio setup - at this point it’s one big orange blob, no gradients, no shading at all. It’s very hard to estimate how good model really is.

Yeah he is right tone down the lighting

Righto some studio lighting. Some problems with that lighting though, the wheel insides don’t light up…

The wheel with dispacement mapping on the disc: