Port Carisle, Annan harbour, Solway Firth with scenario

As these routes can take up to 100s of hours to make, each will be detailed seperately. Probably each will include a scenario. The era will be ‘perhaps’ up to 1815 or 1900 depending on the route.

These routes can only be listed seperately not on a thread as I would imagine due to time required they will now be few and far between. Each route can be regarded as finshed as probably no further work will be done on it.

This is a remade Solway Firth as with two seperate scenarios o include Port Carlisle and Annan Harbour.

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From the readme
Annan Harbour Solway Firth

Use any of the routes or any of the content strictlly at your own risk as regards possible computer lock-ups, or loss of data.
Perhaps make back up of any important files and scan files for any possible viruses or malware.
All content, descriptions, dates, measurements might be approximate or guesswork.
Not to be used for commercial purposes.

Roaming camera keys are home/end and arrow keys.
Drivable sailing craft use one of wasd, tfgh. ijkl
Keys 1 to 9 start animations or start the vessels on preset courses.
The boat had an invisible collision box around it.
When collecting cargo edge the boat as near as possible to the cargo side-on or end-on.

Scenario collect cargo of barrels from the stone quays at Annan Harbour using the twin-sail drivable sailing flat moored at the stone quays. keyboard keys wasd
Then proceed about 2 miles down the river and collect a second lot of barrels from wood jetties at the entrance to the river…

Key 1 on the keboard will start the preset sailing-flat moored at the wood jetties at the mouth of the river on course to travel along the river to the Annan stone quays.

On the opposite shore is anothe drivable sailing flat with a crew of 2 men. I set this in real time so would take about half and hour to an hour to cross the Solway Firth, proceed up the river and collect a cargo of crates. The crates can only be collected by the 2 man sailing flat.

As the download is on the same seperate page as the mini screenshots I have decided not to include screenshots as it onlt take a few seconds and a click of the mouse to see them all (If interested and if not interested there is no problem).
The download ia a zip file about 18.9 megs

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