i jus don’t get how this isn’t in forum gallery this looks so real. i actually thought it was jus random picture of some guy and i was like what? lol but fantastic! how long did it take you to model?

thanks johnny! The base mesh was an old one I had. The process of sculpting, texturing and rendering took about 3-4 weeks in my free time. I have to say that the last 2 weeks were mainly small tweaks here and there rather than concrete scene development… I did not have much free time during that phase :slight_smile:

About the gallery thanks for your thought… I guess I will just have to try harder with my next project :wink:

That’s some really nice work. The hair, expression and modeling are all superb! The pores and the skin texture seems really well done but it seems to me the final render the skin is a bit waxy? Is it just me? I mean this only as a critique and not to criticize, the work is really stellar!

Awesome!! great work, congratulations

Great work! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

@ Ewizza: well yes the skin surely would need some more tweak… it is probably the sum of various things (textures, shader, lighting) but it lacks the final step make me really happy :smiley: I tried really hard to get it there, but I guess it will be with the next project! :slight_smile:

Bravo! Beautiful piece!

Very real, very expressive.

If somebody will say: “Is somebody made a realistic head and face in Blender with Cycles?” then I’ll say: “Yeah, its Bernardo! From Poland :D!”.Absolutly number one from Top 1000!

Great work, thank you for sharing.

Awesome work, especially the hair is mindblowing!


Thank you! Your comments are really appreciated! :slight_smile:

@the muslim: I live in Poland but I am from Italy! :smiley: but your words are really kind! :slight_smile: I am happy you liked the work!

***** nothing else to say. :slight_smile:

This one deserves much more attention. Definitely a top row candidate IMO - even if that means goodbye to mine :wink:

well your image is already gone, so it’s not my fault :D, but they added some really beautiful works! I loved your project, really inspiring Blender Matt!
Anyway… what can I say I am flattered by your words, but looks like my work is still not there! I already started a new project, I will try my best with this one, again :wink:

@@guitartom47: thanks man :slight_smile:

Glad you liked it :slight_smile: I am very inspired by yours to try something similar! I already have another project on the go though, so maybe next one. What is your next project?

Amazing work.

If there’s one thing that would improve it, IMHO, making the eyes a bit more visible and giving them a bit of reflection would be it.

I am going to make a full character… I am thinking something like a witch, but the concept is still not finished. I just started to make a dynatopo body so far. I am looking forward to see your next project!

Thanks signguy! I agree with you, this lighting setup definitely makes the eyes area too dark. However the daylight setup was the one which gave me better results. Maybe I will try again an interior light setup, trying to give more importance to the eyes! :slight_smile:

great work, i like how you handled the hair, and the beard

Great work,
thanks for posting the hair setup !


verdy good but is he supposed to be Australian he looks it