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No positions available.


I would like to help out. PM me ASAP.

Please email to get the link to our Google Hangout. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

and why would i what to give you my mail address in exchange for a " ? link ?"

when your web site link gives me a https SECURITY warning

I want to help you just pm me here on Blenderartist then I give you my email.

I think can help you with modeling. But, I am mostly creating things in a low poly-theme … PM me if you’re interested!

I’d love to help out with the voices!
PM me if you’re still interested :slight_smile:

Sorry about the delay in responding guys!

I didn’t know that the Blender Forums doesn’t have “auto-subscribe / email” as the default for all forum posts.

The reason we do ask people to email is because that email distros to all of the leads for the various sections. So if you’re a 3D modeler, our lead 3D modeler will see that you are interested in the group. Same thing if someone emails us about blueprints, then our lead blueprint guy will see it.

The reason we don’t just blast our our Google Hangout link in the forums is the team regularly meets there to collaborate on work and do team meetings. We don’t mind handing it out privately to individuals who are interested in the team…we just don’t want trolls to show up randomly.

The websites don’t give me any security warnings when I visit them. To tell you the truth, there’s nothing there right now because we’re focusing on game devlopment first…then public facing social pages later. I have Norton Antivirus enabled on my personal browser so it should detect if anything is there.

The reason we don’t just blast our our Google Hangout link in the forums is the team regularly meets there to collaborate on work and do team meetings.

well you are about to have a MAJOR problem

google is killing off the hangouts
you will need to find a different way

as to the warning it was because of a untrusted ssl cert from a untrusted authority

No problem.

Thanks for the heads up!

Still looking for individuals! :slight_smile:

Hey,i’d like to help if you are still interested.
I am still a starter tho.
You can check out my work at : http://factstodays.blogspot.in/
PM me if if you are interested.

Hey, i can help out if you like, my site is tinyurl.com/thomaspaul and my skype is thejuizoi

Thanks for posting Devansh and Juizoi. Responded to both via PM.

Still looking for more people!

Still looking for more people!

If you’re interested in hearing more about the project hit me up!

Still looking for more talent!

If you’d like to work on a ground breaking project like Grid Down, hit me up!

no offense to you but you might want to reword things
when i hear or see things like

“work on a ground breaking project”
" get in on the ground floor"
“once in a life time”

the last two are not yours

my B.S. detector goes off

I apologize for the wording.

Let’s say instead that “We really think we have a cool idea, and if you’d like to find out more contact me” :slight_smile:

p.s. I see that you’re a fellow Michigander. I went to Michigan State. Please don’t hold that against me, I know U of M has the better football team by far…lol

Looking for more help! If you’re interested, hit me up via PM :slight_smile:

We got a few new Unreal Blueprint guys in this week, but our 2D art and 3D modeling departments need more help as well!

Right now most of our modeling guys are working on a new building project. We could use more asset modeling help :slight_smile:

The team updated the project to UE 4.15 this week! Working on creating the main menu level.

Still looking for more people :slight_smile: