Pre-Dreadnought Battleship

A ship inspired by the pre-dreadnought used between the 1890 and 1910.


You should check out some actual photos of battleships firing their guns. The blast is a lot larger, and there’s no secondary smoke plume during the shot.

It looks like mix of early French battleships Carnot (command tower) and Charles Martel (hull).

Very dramatic. How did you do the bow wave and wake?

I have not enought power to use fluid simulation for the wave and wake. I used photoshop for this kind of details. But the smoke with blender / manta flow.

You are right but the forward ship firing with secondary gun (blast) and the main gun (smoke plume and the right).

That’s exactly what inspires me. Next time I would model an existing ship.

Here’s a picture of a 5" secondary battery firing at night. Still quite a show.

i love the awesome ships of that era. They look like medieval castles thrown into the seas.

Great Job on the image. You might find this interesting

French Pre-Dreadnoughts - When Hotels go to War

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Yes, we can really see the transition from Man’o’war-type ships to World War II battleships.

If you want, you have more details about my battleship here :

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Come on Thunder Child

Beautiful work, very good…!

Thank you so much.

Dramatic Image and lighting, well done !

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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