Precision Drawing Tools (PDT) Add-on for 2.8x

hahaha. indeed it will be very interesting. I will be wondering how long until he got used to it after all, practice make perfect! :grin:

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Well, the first two attempts could have gone better… £$%&%[email protected]£-ing thing. :rofl: :joy:

Cheers, Clock. :beer:


I have revised the video with some comments, written of course, still no success voicing it, giving up for today…

I have been working on Tangents, difficult sums involved here (putting that mildly):

Still very much WIP, but we are getting there, if anyone has any suggestions for features to be considered in this regard, please advise me here, or over on DevTalk.

The system need centres and radii to calculate tangents, arcs are not stored as such in Blender so we have made routines to calculate these from arcs implied by three vertices.

It would be nice if there were routines in Numpy to help with the maths, I have gone right back to first principles in Trigonometry and Pythogorus to do this - do you know of any Numpy routines, a search of the Internet revealed zilch.

On another matter, I have given up on voicing the video, too many mistakes and I sound like a Muppet, so does anyone want to help with this?

Cheers, Clock “Newton” Mender. :beer:


A good idea would be to consult @stephen_leger on these math topics, if i recall correct he dealt with quite a lot of them in regards to his Archipack addon.

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Maths all sorted, no Numpy routines seem to exist to calculate tangents, so Trig and Pythagorus has been used. Now we have tangents working in all view orientations, here his an example in a weirdly rotated one:

The face represents two arcs and is drawn so Blunder can align the view, it seems to need a face to do this…

Cheers, Clock.